Welcome to our new website. May 2012 is the month of new and exiting things for The Indo Project. We launch our new website and some board members will get to meet the Indo Community at the Holland Festival in Long Beach May 27, 2012.

We continuously evolve to better serve our constituents and visitors. Please, have a look at the different pages and give us your feedback.

The Indo Project is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of Indo culture and history through education and raising public awareness.

People of mixed European and Indonesian ancestry, in particular, those of Dutch and Indonesian ancestry are called Indos, Dutch-Indonesians, or Indo-Europeans. Their origins date back over 350 years to the Spice Islands of the Indonesian archipelago.

We are thrilled to have you visit our website to learn more about our project. The Indo Project serves as a portal between the academic world and the experiential world.

Our aim is to serve as a clearinghouse of all things Indo in the English language and promote story telling based on real-life experiences. The stories of our ancestors are irreplaceable and we want to preserve them.

With our collective memory we can breathe new life into an honored and rich history. We hope you will join us in advancing our mission in preserving the Indo culture and heritage.

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