Reflecting on the most noteworthy stories and news articles from The Indo Project (TIP) in 2023. Explore to discover if your favorite TIP articles made it to the top of the 2023 list! Plus, scroll down to learn about some exciting new adventures The Indo Project is starting in 2024!

Top Five Indo Stories

#5 It’s a Small World by Jane Vogel Mantiri

Jane Vogel Mantiri shares a poignant encounter where she meets a woman whose father coincidentally shared the same wartime experience as her own father. Both fathers were prisoners of war at the Death Railway in Siam (Thailand) during World War II.

#4 Transgenerational Trauma in the Indo Community by Jamie Stern

Jamie Stern discusses the outcomes of the Indo Trauma Survey and explores the familial effects of transgenerational trauma within the Indo community.

#3 The Day My World Changed by Sheldon A. Krancher

This beautiful story emphasizes the choice not to relive the trauma experienced by parents but encourages embracing and celebrating the lives they ultimately led, enriched by the beautiful backdrop of Indo culture.

#2 See Jane Run! by Jane Vogel Mantiri

Discover Jane Vogel Mantiri’s remarkable journey through World War II in the former Dutch East Indies, her family’s relocation from Indonesia to the United States, and their pursuit of the American dream.

#1 A Historical Look at Dutch Indos in California, USA

This very popular story highlights that many Dutch Indos did not feel a sense of belonging in the Netherlands, leading to nearly 35,000 individuals relocating to the U.S. in the late 1950s. It prompts consideration of their experiences and outcomes in their new environment.

Other Great 2023 TIP Stories

Here are some interesting stories you have have missed:

Happy Oma and Opa Day by Jamie Stern

The Indo Project commemorates Grandparents Day in the United States, highlighting the significant role omas (grandmothers) and opas (grandfathers) play in Indo culture and tradition.

Emmy Verhoeff: A Life with a Pen and Brush by Inge Dümpel

A biographical narrative detailing the life and contributions of Emmy Verhoeff, an Indo artist, educator, illustrator, and writer, whose body of work was largely dedicated to the world of the former Dutch East Indies.

My Indonesian Rattle by John Smith

Gerard Willem Charles Lemmens shares the history of his family, his experiences as a prisoner of war, and life in Malang during World War II and particularly, his toy rattle.

Top Five News Articles

Numerous significant news stories unfolded in 2023. Were you able to stay updated on all of them?

#5 Commission Debate on Unresolved ‘Backpay’ Issue Affecting the Indo Community

On Wednesday, April 12, 2023, the debate on providing backpay to the widows of WWII war victims was held in the 2nd Chamber by MPs of the Committee for Health, Welfare, and Sport (VWS). The salary issue has been going on for decades.

#4 August 15 1945 Commemoration and Liberation Ball 2023

The Indo Project was honored to host its first annual Commemoration and Liberation Ball, featuring moments of remembrance and the presentation of a lifetime achievement award to René Creutzburg.

#3 SoCal Kumpulan: Tell Your Indo Story in 2023

The Indo Project covers a highly attended kumpulan in Los Angeles, sponsored by SoCal Indo, which actively encouraged Indos and others to share their stories and journey.

#2 Tragedy & Transformation: Dutch East Indies to Indonesia

The Indo Project hosted a special virtual Q&A event with documentary makers Simone Berger and Armando Ello. Discover the events of World War II in the Dutch East Indies, the Bersiap Period, and the Independence War in their 40-minute documentary with English subtitles. (Subtitles funded by The Indo Project)

#1 Holland Festival Celebrating King’s Day 2023

The Indo Project participated in the 33rd Holland Festival, commemorating King’s Day in Long Beach, to connect with supporters and followers.

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