A look back at The Indo Project’s top stories and news articles of 2022. Did your favorite TIP articles make the top five lists?

Top Five Indo Stories

#5 Oma Moesje

Read about how Robert Kaya’s Oma from Kota Raja, Aceh, ended up in the Statenkwartier, The Hague.

#4 Indo Movie Highlight: Past Ended on Mango Street

Read about the documentary by Thomas Watson, which is about his grandmother’s imprisonment in a Japanese concentration camp in the Dutch East Indies.

#3 Who is the Indo Girl

Benjamin Jacobs honors his Indo family through the creation of The Indo Girl brand. His merchandise aims to celebrate the Dutch Indo American history of the Jacobs family.

#2 Maria Serves Dutch Indo Community

The Indo Project highlights Maria Arroyo and her store Holland International Market in Bellflower, California, as it serves the Dutch Indo community.

#1 Remembering Our Indo Mothers & Omas

TIP celebrates Indo mothers and omas who instilled Indo culture to their children, including love for family, food, gratitude, and more.

Other Great 2022 TIP Stories

Here are some stories you may have missed:

Top Five Indo News Articles

2022 started out with many important news stories. Did you catch them all?

#5 Ons Land Exhibit Opens at Museum Sophiahof in The Hague

TIP visits the historic exhibition Ons Landdecolonization, generations and stories at the Sophiahof Museum in The Hague.

#4 More Revolusi Controversy in the Wake of Rijksmuseum Exhibit

TIP explores why the potential omission of the word Bersiap caused an uproar among the families of the victims as they saw it as a further whitewashing.

#3 Bersiap, Decolonization Research & Postcolonial Uproar

TIP encourages its followers and supporters to learn more about bersiap, decolonization, and the post-colonial uproar in the Netherlands.

#2 Revolusi Revisionism by Rijksmuseum

Inez Hollander explores the 2022 Revolusi exhibit at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and why some Indos felt like this was a controversial subject.

#1 Long Beach Holland Festival 2022

A big THANK YOU to everyone who showed their Indo Pride at the Holland Festival in Long Beach, California.

Indo Ronny Geenen
Indo Ronny Geenen

Losses in 2021

Most of us in the Indo community know Ronny Geenen from his impressive website MyIndoWorld, a valuable resource for all who wanted to learn about Indo history. Ronny’s pride and knowledge about his Indo ancestry was exceptional. We mourn his loss, honor his memory, and extend our heartfelt condolences to his wife and family members.

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