Sign up up for our first TIP TALKS in North California. We will be talking about our shared culinary heritage – the food that binds us together!

In a true Indo fashion we never stop talking about food. Indo food is at the heart of our community. We make recommendations to friends and family, what to try next and where to find what. It becomes even more interesting to find out about the origins of a special dish, its historical background, cultural significance and the memories tied to it. Share your thoughts and listen to what others have to say about it.

Of course, our mouths will not only be moving from talking, there will be food to enjoy as well.  Please, join us and sign up now as seats are limited.

On Friday, October 7 we will be in San Mateo. For more info and tickets click HERE.

On Saturday, October 8 we will be in Sacramento. For more info and tickets click HERE.

For more information contact: Linda Kimbrough (415) 215 – 5995 –

We recommend this event to anyone interested in food and culture: you kids, grand kids, other family members, neighbors and friends. Thanks for spreading the word!


Read about our 1st TIP TALKS in Long Beach this year, click HERE.


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