By Jamie Stern, Director of Research

On September 22nd, 2018, SoCal Indo held a beautiful benefit party in an effort to raise funds for the victims of the Lombok Earthquake. A series of devastating earthquakes occurring between late July and mid-August resulted in hundreds of deaths and major structural damage on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. It is expected that the recovery will be difficult and long. An outpouring of love and support came from the Indo community in Southern California. Spearheaded by Michael Passage and his team at SoCal Indo, a truly marvelous event titled Love 4 Lombok 7.0 was held at the Avio Dutch Club in Anaheim, California. This event garnered so much attention that it is receiving praise from iDNews in Indonesia. (Click here to see the article.)

Love 4 Lombok 7.0 event

The Love 4 Lombok 7.0 event had traditional Indonesian dancing.

The Love 4 Lombok 7.0 event had entertainment with music performances, martial arts attractions, and traditional Indonesian dancing. Tents were set up in the courtyard so that attendees could do light shopping and pick up Dutch and Indonesian goodies. The food was also delicious with multiple vendors selling a variety of foods that included Dutch, Indonesian, and even Hawaiian selections.

Love 4 Lombok Event 7.0

The event had at least 400 visitors throughout the day and was able to raise over $7,000 for Lombok.

The event had at least 400 visitors throughout the day and was able to raise over $7,000 for Lombok. If you would like to send in a donation, you can still help Lombok out here at SoCal Indo’s website. SoCal Indo partnered with the Indonesian Diaspora Network-United and the Indonesian Diaspora Foundation in making this event happen.

Raffle winner Elisabeth Manners pictured with TIP’s Jamie Stern.

The Indo Project participated in the Love 4 Lombok 7.0 event by donating to the raffle. Our lovely winner, Elisabeth Manners (pictured with Jamie), received a $50 gift certificate to Holland International Market. The owner, Marie Arroyo, made the gift certificate look absolutely adorable for this event. We thank you Marie!


GoFrozone Igloo serving Cendol ice-cream and other delicious custom-made flavors.

Another delicious and exciting experience was the GoFrozone Igloo that was serving Cendol ice-cream and other delicious custom-made flavors. They are an Indo-run company and available for a variety of parties and events. Check them out on Facebook! #GoFrozone

Christina Munser, owner of Ina Batik, pictured with TIP’s Jamie Stern.

More fun included the varieties of clothing that were available for purchase. One wife-and-husband company title Ina Batik, showcased beautiful batik designs that had traditional as well as modern patterns. There was such variety reflecting the different geographical origins of certain patterns and colors. Check out their website.

In conclusion, Love 4 Lombok 7.0 was an outstanding event. The Indo Project is grateful to have been able to participate. We thank SoCal Indo for doing such a good thing for Lombok, and we’re proud of all the participation that we have seen. We wish the people of Lombok much strength, love, and success as they rebuild and recover.


  1. The Lombok SoCal Indo sponsored event was not your typical Dutch AVIO club event. While Cor Van Overeem and myself were at the AVIO entrance as part of the SoCal Indo volunteer group, we get to hear the comments of those guest coming and going. On this day we hear many compliments, and one being there were never so many Indonesians at an AVIO club before. True or not, it was the program of Indonesian performers from various dancers to musicians, for example the Angklung bamboo instruments was an awaking of our culture I seldom heard and enjoyed, while sitting at the entrance. Many of the SoCal Indo volunteer team had a full day, as did the ladies Maureen de Schepper and Linda Van Lommel Keeney selling the SoCal T-shirts , and others with the vendors. Hats off to Michael’s wife Mega, Jason, and Michael who had a long day to make the event successful.


    Some how I remember someone coming late after 4 pm. Going to Cor’s Van Overeem’s table to sign in. Not to say the Indo Project’s representative was not there, but I came at 1 pm to help volunteer for the SoCal Indos and was at the entrance directing performers, and signing guests in. So maybe its a little misleading and not intentional to present your presence at the entire event.

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