For the 29th time families and friends gathered at the annual Holland Festival in Long Beach. Up to 4 generations with roots in the Netherlands and the former Dutch East Indies celebrated their heritage while enjoying typical foods, music, arts and crafts. It has become de facto the largest Indo-Dutch gathering in the USA. This also explains the large offering of Indonesian food, which is part of Dutch national cuisine.

Holland Festival is a production of the UNO. This non-profit umbrella organization consists of different Dutch Clubs in Southern California: Holland Soccer Club, A.V.I.O, N.A.S., N.E.S.S.O. NAF, Neerlandia, R.O.S.I, Voice of Holland, Wapenbroeders. The Holland Festival has been the result of the combined efforts of volunteers belonging to these clubs and the Dutch School of SoCal. While some of these clubs/organizations have closed their doors, the former members and their family and friends are still volunteering their time to making this a memorable festival. In 2019 the UNO hopes to celebrate the 30th annual Holland Festival. It promises to be extra special with many surprises. 

The Indo Project, as the only international non-profit organization, was present again to meet their constituents, offer information and present the new campaign “act now!”

The Indo Project fosters unity and solidarity in the Indo community particularly in the English speaking world.  It was clear that the sense of community and belonging was in full force at the Holland Festival – the 27th of May.  The non-paid team members present that day consisted of Priscilla, Wim, Eric, Rosalind, Cor, Patricia, Nicole, and I checked-in once in a while. Unfortunately, Jamie, Linda and Willem could not join us that day.  All volunteer our time in educating the younger Indos, so they can pass on our heritage, as well as educate those not familiar with the term “Indo”.

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This is what we do and where we need your help – Make A Difference – Act Now!



We will publish a link to a photo album of the event soon. For more information about Dutch themed events go to

By Jeff Keasberry


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  1. I am hoping someone in your organization may know of any gatherings or annual meetings in or near Amsterdam that are organized for former WW II camp survivors? These people would have been children at the time, interned with their mothers, and may be elderly now. I will be in Amsterdam this summer, hoping to find some of these people. My father was an RAF doctor who helped these people at the time, so this is why I am seaching.
    Thank you

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