Strength—Bravery—Loyalty—Love—Family—You are an Indo.

Are you ready for the Challenge?

We’re on a mission to map our dynamic worldwide Indo community. Take the challenge…stand up and be counted!  The Indo Project has set out to show the world that our culture and history is dynamic, interesting and relevant. Who we are and who you are is important!



Your participation will allow TIP to come up with hard statistics on the Indo population around the globe. Something that has not been done before!  A summary of the first phase of our study can be found in our article “Where are the Indos Today?”

Thanks to the internet the Indo community is reconnecting and truly wonderful things are happening. It’s a reawakening of our heritage: more parties, gatherings and events are being held, more research is being conducted, more books are being written, and the younger generations are getting involved! We are celebrating the fact that we’re Indo and we’re very proud of it!

The Worldwide Indo Challenge is an international undertaking. Which city, which state, which country is home to the most Indos? That is the challenge!

The successful outcome of this initiative is dependent on the Indo community at large. We have already heard from over 1,300 Indos (which is a tremendous achievement) but that number translates roughly to only 1% of the estimated Indo population. We are bigger than that. So where is everyone else? We urge you to stand up and be counted!


STEP 1: Start the challenge by clicking on The Worldwide Indo Challenge.

STEP 2: After completing the survey, pass it on! Challenge other Indos to complete it too.



  1. “Thanks to the internet the Indo community is reconnecting and truly wonderful things are happening.”
    The “but” to this line is that unfortunately the pc illiterate Indos are being kept out of this development where they can provide us with so much information on Indo life in the former East Indies. They are our roots.
    My previous offer through TIP to conduct freeseminars on how to make short videos telling about our personal Indo experiences never got off the ground.

    I wonder if I should revive the course ” pc4oldiesbyoldies” (see website) to fix this problem.

  2. Pushed the button and shared with the “Indogroep” on Facebook in the Netherlands. Hope a lot will sign also. When will the results be published?

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