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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

By Jamie Stern

The Indo community is making great progress in geographically mapping our population! So far, through The Worldwide Indo Challenge , The Indo Project has heard from 728 Indos.  Check out our interactive map to see where Indo populations are being located. Each point on the map represents a location from where one or more Indos have responded. Geographical data from the 2012 Indo Survey (click to view official report) was also added to the interactive map.  Those points are identifiable by the blue diamonds that populate the US.  You can turn off that layer by clicking on it and unchecking the box. Turn it on and off to see differences in the US data. There are a few states that we heard from in 2012 but have yet to hear from for the Worldwide Indo Challenge. Can you spot those states?

April Results: The Netherlands is our April Challenge winner!

  • 60% of responses came from the Netherlands in the month of April
  • 29% of responses came from the United States in the month of April
  • 6% of responses came from Canada in the month of April
  • 5% of responses came from other locations worldwide.

It looks like the Netherlands is in the lead this month! What will May look like? Challenge your friends to take The Worldwide Indo Challenge and remember to check back here next month to see how much the map has grown! You are such an important part of the research; thank you for spreading the word, and for your continued support and effort in this huge worldwide project.


March Results: The US was in the lead!

  •  64% of responses came from the United States in the month of March.
  • 27% of responses came from the Netherlands in the month of March. 
  • 3.7% of responses came from Canada in the month of March. 
  • 3.5% of responses came from Australia in the month of March. 
  • 1.8%: This remaining amount came from 1-2 Indos in Afghanistan, Armenia, Aruba, Belgium, Colombia, Curacao, France, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Suriname, and England.

View the March maps below:


  1. Is Armando in NL being a copycat? Hope you have copyright protection for this map Jamie. It’s become very sophisticated and I see you put a lot of effort into it. Protect your work!

    • Hi Terry,

      That’s an interesting question and we’re so glad that you asked. If you were born in the former Dutch East Indies, this is a feature that you share in common with other Indos. If you have Dutch blood in you, no matter how miniscule, it is a feature you have in common with Indos. Your experiences and what you have been through also unify you with the Indos and that is how we embrace you. We’re grateful for your interest and participation in this. Please take the Worldwide Indo Challenge. Thank you!


      • Jamie, From what I understand from Terry Lim’s statement is that she is /was a Chinese Indonesian and married to a Diefenbach. Diefenbach is a name found in The Netherlands East Indies according to Roosje Roos Genealogy site. The name Dieffenbach, double ff, is listed at the “Indishe Familie Archief”, as is the name Lim.
        Connie J

    • Hello Dre,

      This is the next phase of research and it is on the worldwide level. The Worldwide Indo Challenge includes different answer options (and questions) which are based on questions that the community has inquired about. For the mapping aspect of the project, it is necessary to gather location data in order to create meaningful statistics. Since your previous information was anonymous (which is how I gather all data) it wouldn’t be possible to locate your previously shared information. This is why it is so helpful for everyone to re-participate if they’ve already done it; this not only guarantees that their extremely important input and information is included, but it also allows us to maintain highly accurate data sets. But remember, you do not have to participate again if you do not wish to.

      Jamie Stern
      Director of Research, TIP

  2. We’ve lived in the U. S. for fifty years. Because I’m married to a “Filipina”, we call ourselves “Amasions” and have one 18 month old Amasion daughter.

    • Hi Lou!
      That’s adorable! Thank you for taking the time to participate and also share your cute story. I like how “Amasion” sounds kind of like a Amazin’ (Amazing). Too fun! Since my mix is Indo with Jewish, my boyfriend calls me his “Jindo”. It makes me crack up because if you look up the word Jindo, you’ll find that it’s a really cute Korean dog! Haha!


    • Hi Lou!

      No problem — Just take the Worldwide Indo Challenge located in the above article. If you click on the highlighted words “Worldwide Indo Challenge”, it will take you directly to the survey. Within the survey, you’ll have the opportunity to put in your general location such as zip code. Thanks Lou!

      Jamie Stern
      Director of Research, TIP

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