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As told by Friedje van Gils of New Mexico, USA

In the late 1950’s the Van Gils family arrived in the USA starting off in Akron, Ohio and eventually spreading out all over the country.  They arrived with a group of friends and family.   There was a “Dutch Club of Akron” made up mostly of Indo families who lived in the northern part of Ohio.   Years later Friedje’s mother, Winny van Gils, was interviewed by NPR (National Public Radio) of which a tape was made recording her historical memoir.

Postcard – notice “Indo Blanda”.

On porch in Bogor, West Java

Old passport


  1. Hello Friedje,

    I am the stepson of your aunt Roos van Gils (sister of your father), who married my father, uncle Kees.
    A longtime ago I complied the genealogy of the van Gils family for your brother, but I lost his address.
    Are you interested?

    Best wishes,

  2. Hello Friedje, do you remember me from Bogor? My parents are uncle Jas and aunt Ine (Andreas and Catherine)
    We grew up together in Bogor (you are from februay and I am from march 1949).
    Greetings Ria

  3. My mothers maiden name is Van Gils Her name is Esperalda Van Gils (married my father Ridoan Harry Herfkens) both from Java,immigrated to the netherlands,then to california.
    I cant see the photos?

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