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Note: Unfortunately this exhibit is no longer being shown but links within this article will take you to various resources. 

The Indies Commemoration Center has made its remarkable museum exhibit entitled, “The Story of the Netherlands East Indies” available online. The actual exhibit, which has been a huge success, is currently located at the Bronbeek Estate in Arnhem, Netherlands.

The exhibit tells of 350 years of colonial history in the Netherlands East Indies, highlighting the events during and after the Second World War. Navigation throughout the exhibit is done by using simple mouse clicks allowing the online visitor a real time experience. Also, by using specific icons, a visitor can see additional text, audio and video fragments. In the Guestbook (found in Hall 6), visitors can describe what they perceive as being “INDO” or they can share a memory, anecdote or a comment on the tour.

What makes this online version extraordinary is that it can be viewed either in the Dutch or English language. It is especially suitable for educational use and for visitors who are unable to come to the exhibition at the Bronbeek Estate in the Netherlands. With this online version, the Center is now able to share this cultural experience with the Indo community in Australia, Canada and the United States.

This digital tour is a way by which the Indies Commemoration Center brings the history of the Netherlands East Indies to the attention of a wider public. The Center also ensures this through its other means: the actual tour at the Bronbeek Estate “The Story of the Netherlands East Indies”, the web portal Indië in Oorlog and the comic strip “The Return”. Each in its own way depicts the story of the Indo community. They are the starting point from which the Indies Commemoration Center hopes to develop new educational products, preferably with other parties involved.

The experiences of the Indo community in the former Netherlands East Indies during and after the Second World War must never be forgotten.

In creating this online digital tour, the Indies Commemoration Center has used the application Museumtours. Museumtours enables anyone to visit a museum from their own home, by using a PC with Internet access to freely roam a presentation or exhibition.



For further information on “The Story of the Netherlands East Indies” please contact Yvonne van Genugten, Director, Indisch Herinneringscentrum in Arnhem, NL. y.vangenugten@indischherinneringscentrum.nl  or telephone: +31 26 363 91 03



  1. The east indian company were own and operated by the Zionist jews of Amsterdam, Did they exclude them self from the sale of human cargo. crimes against humanity is now portrayed and good things the socalled DUTCH did.
    I wonder how stupid you all think we are.

    • By your comment, you already say it yourself, how stupid you are I mean.
      Don’t forget that the world situation was totally different when The Netherlands occupied the former Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia.
      If I were you, do some research, by reading about the history and than come up with an opinion.
      Next, please keep any racist comments to yourself!
      It never did any good!
      Kees Kunstt.

  2. wonderful news, unfortunately the page for indies commemoration centre is all n Dutch ! Pity we poor 3rd generation Indos who don’t speak it, and provide an option for English please !

    • Thank you for your interest, Michele! The Indies Commemoration Center is in actuality a Dutch organization called the “Indisch Herinneringscentrum” located in Arnhem, Netherlands. The Indo Project helps Indo oriented organizations posts their information as long as it is in English. You can keep informed by signing on to The Indo Project Facebook page and this website and/or The Indo Project newsletter to keep informed in the English language.

  3. Finally, in English!
    Well, I unfortunately cannot read it too well as the print is very light, and with the off white background, very hard to read.
    My eyes are a bit old! So I am waiting till this has been corrected.
    I hope you can make some changes and keep the older generation to evaluate and pass it on to the younger ones.
    Pukul terus!
    Kees Kunstt.

    • Hi Kees,
      Are you referring to the website of the Story of the Netherlands East Indies or our website.
      if so, we can put your request for larger print on our task list and make our improvements when our budget allows us to do that. As for the background, we changed it earlier to all white for all our articles.
      In the meantime, may we suggest to use the ‘zoom’ option of your web browser, to magnify your print for better reading.
      Terimah kasih!

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