Younger generations in America are showing increased interest in their Indo-European heritage, by joining social media groups to connect online with likeminded people. New friendships are forged with those who share a similar background.

A yearly reunion for friends and family

A growing number of younger visitors are expected to attend the largest celebration of Dutch cultural heritage in the American West: ‘The annual Holland Festival in Long Beach’. The production of this community event is in the hands of the UNO (United Netherlands Organizations),  a non-profit umbrella organization of affiliated Dutch and Indo Dutch clubs in SoCal. This community fair is held at the Gemmrig Park in Long Beach on the 28th on May, 2017.  This festival has become a yearly reunion for friends and family – with up to 4 generations present.  More than half of the attendants have roots in the former Dutch East Indies. This explains the many Indonesian food vendors and the Indo rock bands performing.
The Indo Project has had an information booth at the event since 2011. This has proven to be an ideal way to interact with their constituents. “People like to brag about how proud they are of their heritage, good at posting old photos, photos of food on Facebook, etc. Stop talking the talk and start walking the walk… take action and help educating others to help in keeping Indo history and culture alive,” says Priscilla McMullen, chair of The Indo Project.

New campaign: Call To Action

The Indo Project is a non-profit organization with an ambitious mission and an exciting full program lined up. The organization fully depends on donations and passionate and skillful volunteers. New team players are needed to help with the execution of several tasks, like: website management, social media coordination, fund raising, copy writing, digital archiving, public outreach, event support, translations, etc.  For this purpose The Indo Project is launching a new campaign: “Call To Action.” By using inspiring quotes from current volunteers, The Indo Project hopes it will resonate with potential volunteers and convince them to join the team. The campaign will start on May 15 and will be posted on the TIP Facebook  page and other pages and groups willing to share this.
Come visit us at our booth at the 28th Annual Holland Festival. Be informed, enter the raffle, participate in activities for all ages. Your donations are welcome and when you are ready, sign up as a volunteer.
Jeff Keasberry

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