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The collection of personal stories from the elders in our community is one of the main initiatives of The Indo Project.  Personal historical diaries bring Indo History to life.  We encourage Indo families to create their own extended family history in written text, audio and video and submit them to The Indo Project. These submissions will form part of The Indo Project digital collection where they will be preserved and made available online for future generations so our history will not be forgotten.

So far, TIP has collected more than 200 written submissions…but none on video.  We know that a great number of people would like to submit videos but they think they don’t have the skills nor the right equipment.

At a one-day Video Making Workshop, we will show you how you can produce a great video with an INEXPENSIVE photo camera (that has video capability) and a laptop computer.

This is a pilot program and initially, we can place only a few students.  The first workshop will be at Ben von Stockhausen’s house in Apple Valley, California. The guidelines below are flexible to accommodate changes in the future as the program increases in scope and popularity.


  • Teach how to shoot, edit, add background music, do a narration track for YouTube or DVD; all with an inexpensive photo camera that has video capability.
  • Teach how to record YouTube audio for a soundtrack, inserting still pictures and do sophisticated video transitions.
  • Learn Video and Audio (nonlinear photo editing) using the editing and audio software.
  • Provide personal individual instructions geared to the needs of the pupil.
  • Encourage Indos to film themselves or their elders and tell their story.
  • Increase video submissions to TIP’s Digital Archives Initiative.
  • Produce content uniformity in the video submission for the Digital Archives.


  • Camera, tripod, used laptop with enough memory.
  • Using the Linux operating system, we install Ubuntu free software.

Note: The free open source software for nonlinear video editing and audio recording and editing are specially designed for a Linux based operating system (like Ubuntu) and have been in use for a few years.  The Windows based version of this software will be available in February 2014 and still needs to be tested by users. For the uniformity of the free instruction and hands-on help by the instructor, it is desirable that one kind of operating system is used. 

The workshop will fill up fast…contact Ben von Stockhausen 760-515-6523

Or email for more information  or to register!

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  1. Loved the pictures of this article. Yes those were my old days working for the film and video industries except the laptop. Doing the seminar with those equipment would cost us thousand and thousands dollars individually. But now you can do it for nothing with a camera costing less than $100 with a quality equalling and exceeding 16mm film or 3/4inch tape.

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