The Indo Project  Team thanks you for your support during an incredible year of growth.

Most of us who have our roots in the former Dutch East Indies recognize the importance of keeping our history and culture alive.  A constant reminder of this are the letters and emails you send us, the old photos and passionate postings you place on Facebook.  All are reminders of our common heritage, pride in our culture and paying homage to our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

The Indo Project is the only international English language nonprofit organization whose primary mission is keeping Indo history and culture alive.  We do that by raising awareness and educating not only the younger generations of Indos but the general public as well.  Our goal is to be a virtual resource center containing digital archives such as your own family histories and photos.  You can help us attain that goal with your support.

You have been reading about our efforts…some of you might even have attended The Indo Project events or visited our booth at the annual Holland Festival.  During this holiday season we ask you to pause for a moment and think about what better gift to give to yourself than a donation that will go towards honoring our illustrious past and preserving our heritage into the future.

There is much to be thankful for this holiday season.  We at The Indo Project are proud of our Indo heritage.  We are grateful for your interest and support and hope you will donate towards our efforts in preserving our history for future generations. Simply go to this link to donate.

Throughout December & January, upon receiving your donation, we will post either your name or photo on the Christmas tree image above that you can personally view – and print  out – on our website.  You can also make a donation as a gift to someone and we will gladly post their name or photograph on the Christmas tree. Make sure you send a photo to

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  1. If any of our supporters would like TIP to send them an image file of the photo that includes their photo to their inbox so that they can print it out like a Christmas card, please send your email request to

    Happy Holidays!
    Ingrid McCleary

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