Learning about heritage through food

More than 2,000 people came together to celebrate their heritage at the 27th Holland Festival, held at Gemmrig Park, in Long Beach. For many of the attendees (around 70% with roots in the former Dutch East Indies), it… Read More

The Indo Project presents: The Food That Binds Us Together

How Indo Heritage & Identity Is Preserved. On Monday, May 30th (Memorial Day, one day after the Holland Festival in Long Beach), we will have our 3rd annual event, which we renamed: TIP TALKS. The objective of this… Read More

TIP TALKS: The Food That Binds Us Together

RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! Suggested minimum donation: $15.00 per person Includes free parking, entry, discussion & sweet & savory samples with refreshments will be served after the presentations and Q and A session.   Pay by credit card or PayPal… Read More

The Worldwide Indo Challenge: April Results!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 By Jamie Stern The Indo community is making great progress in geographically mapping our population! So far, through The Worldwide Indo Challenge , The Indo Project has heard from 728 Indos.  Check out our… Read More

Indo Dutch Food Culture.

By Jeff Keasberry As of this month we are adding a new category to our TIP site: Food.  Eating and cooking are at the core of our culture and talking about it equally so. The objective is not… Read More