Note: Click here to purchase the Sounds of Origin, limited supply!

The USA Premiere of Klanken van Oorsprong – Sounds of Origin

The Indo Project’s TIPTalk Series presents Hetty Naaijkens’ newest documentary on the Indos who introduced rock ‘n roll to the Netherlands.  The film is an in-depth documentary on the impact of the turbulent history of the Dutch-East Indies upon Indo musicians and how they in turn influenced contemporary pop music in the Netherlands.

Klanken van Oorsprong – Sounds of Origin will be presented on June 15, 2019 in Long Beach  at 11:00 a.m. and June 16, 2019 in Hollywood at 2:00 p.m.  Hetty Naaijkens will be there in person after each screening to conduct a Q&A  You can get tickets for the June 15 or 16 show at Eventbrite



Klanken van Oorsprong – Sounds of Origin will be presented at the two locations below. Hetty Naaijken will be there in person after each screening to conduct a Q&A.

Saturday June 15  at  11-2 p.m 

The Art Theater of Long Beach

2025 4th Street

Long Beach, CA  90814

Sunday, June 16 at 2-5 p.m.

The Secret Rose Theater

11246 W. Magnolia Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91601

To get tickets for the LONG BEACH event via Eventbrite or TIP Website.

To get tickets for the NORTH HOLLYWOOD event via Eventbrite or TIP Website

The film will also be shown in San Francisco on June 8, 2019 at the Variety Preview Room at 4:00 p.m.  To get tickets for the SAN FRANCISCO event, via Facebook or Brown Paper Tickets.

For those of you who are lucky enough to still have your parents with you, please consider bringing them to this film. June 16, 2019 is Father’s Day and what better gift then to spend the day with him reliving his youth? It promises to be an event not to be missed. An opportunity to share your parents’ memories of a youth filled with Indo rock and roll, dancing and fun.

TIP is looking sponsors for this TIPTalk event. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring this event, please contact TIP by email  – click here


Note: Click here to purchase the Sounds of Origin, limited supply!

See you at the movies!

This film is uniquely tied to our shared heritage. As discussed in a recent article in The Jakarta Post, Indos brought a love of rock and roll music, knowledge of the newest American rock and roll from the Voice of America and a talent for stringed instruments, like the electric guitar, with them to the Netherlands. Groups like the Tielman Brothers, Anneke Grönloh, the Blue Diamonds and Sandra Reemer reached a wide audience in the Netherlands entertaining our parents’ generation and fostering a love of rock and roll among our youth. Once on Dutch soil, Indo bands like The Tielman Brothers and The Crazy Rockers immediately got a lot of love from Dutch youngsters. Also, singers like Sandra Reemer, Liesbeth List and Boudewijn de Groot had hits atop the Dutch pop charts. Anneke Grönloh and Ruud & Riem de Wolff (The Blue Diamonds) even gained international fame, as did the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rockers Eddie and Alex Van Halen. Although all these musicians found varying degrees of success in different musical genres, they all share common ethnic roots.

Director Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich shows in her musical documentary Sounds of Origin the story of various Dutch East Indies artists who were forced to return to the Netherlands between 1945 and 1962. If the name Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich is familiar its likely you have already seen her work as a founder of Scarabee Films in the Netherlands. A prolific producer, director and screenwriter, Ms. Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich has seventeen credits to her name  including, Contractpensions – Djangan Loepah (2008) and The Buitenkampers (2013). Some of you may even have attended TIP’s TIPTalk presentation of The Buitenkampers! Ms. Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich has received the prestigious Crystal Award in the Netherlands for both documentaries. Sounds of Origin is a mosaic of stories about the power of survival in difficult circumstances and the search for an identity, interspersed with never before seen archive material of musical performances from the colonial era.

Although all the featured musicians found success in many musical genres, they have many things in common. After suffering the ravages of war, then having to start all over in a foreign country. To help cope, many turned to their music as an outlet. The documentary “Sounds of Origin” is a mosaic of stories about the power of survival in difficult circumstances, the roots of the portrayed people and the search for their identity, interspersed with never-before-seen archival material of both musical performances and the colonial era of Netherlands East Indies. Hetty Naaijkens – Retel Helmrich shows the audience how Dutch-Indo musicians managed to assimilate (with a hint of nostalgia), and how they changed the Dutch musical landscape and far beyond, without even knowing it.

Ms. Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich will be attending the premiere of her film in California. A question and answer session with the producer and director will be a part of premiere. Ms. Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich is an Indo scholar who was born in Bandoeng after the end of the second world war. She has dedicated a substantial part of her professional life to the historical documentation of our roots in the Dutch East Indies. We are honored to have such a fiercely active Indo attend the presentation of Sounds of Origin here in Southern California.

Note: Click here to purchase the Sounds of Origin, limited supply!


  1. Because of my walking condition I could not go to the movie presentation. But I was very pleased to meet Priscilla en Hetty Naaikens at our weekly kumpulan at the Hongkong Plaza in West Covina. It was a wonderful gathering and Hetty and I had a good talk about films. I also bought at the door the Sound of Origin.
    I do not know if other readers of this site know it, but Hetty Naaikens had made more movies. As a matter of fact I feel that The Sound of Origin is just a follow up from her movies Buitenkampers and Contract Pensions, both with English translations too.
    Buitenkampers is about the Indo’s on the island of Java, who were not in camps during the bersiap period. Contract Pensions shows the Indo’s after arriving in the Netherlands and how we Indo people were treated by the Dutch natives.
    If you like the Sound of Origin, you also likes the 2 others.

  2. Interested in the DVD

    Klanken van Oorsprong – Sounds of Origin. Interested in buying a copy.

    Thank you.

  3. Hello,
    I am also interested in the DVD of the Klanken van Oorsprong – Sounds of Origin.

    Please let me know.

    Trish IJzerman

  4. For those who are interested in purchasing a DVD, TIP will be selling the DVD and offering on our website the start of July. We will make an announcement.

    Stay tuned….

  5. It was a great film with memories from Tempo Doeloe. Our band Real Room Rockers had representation thanks to the foresight of my Dad in recording a short film in 1960 before I left for the US.
    I got DVD for my kids.

  6. I would love to come but I am working. Maybe consider having a showing in San Diego North county or in Irvine at another date.

    • Hello Ingrid Thomson,
      Sorry to hear you will not be able to attend. We would have loved to bring a screening of the film to San Diego but due to a lack of volunteers, we were not able to do so.

  7. Dear Irene,

    Eventbrite’s format dictates how we set up the tickets. This donation format is required because we are non profit. You will receive a confirmation email for FOUR TICKETS, so please don’t worry. The Indo Project (TIP) is also arranging for a block of rooms at a special price at a nearby hotel. Let us know in case you are interested. We will be making an announcement about that soon! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT…THE TIP TEAM IS LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT THE SCREENING!

  8. I ordered 4 tickets, paid $ 68 plus, but instead of 4 tickets, I only received 1 ticket!
    We’ll be flying to Long Beach from Vegas and it will be horrible to fly there, rent a car, get hotel rooms for 1 ticket??
    Tickets should be separate from “ donations”….., I think???

  9. Well, the Eventbrite where you buy your tickets says donation of $15, …if you bought $75, it would be for 5 persons….but the email confirmation still says 1 ticket….so we are going by faith that they will allow up to 5 persons to enter…and there is a fee of $6.20 on top of the $75…….

    • Hello Cor,
      We are trying to sort that out with Eventbrite and hopefully get their help in figuring it out. In the meantime, save your receipt and bring it to the event. Looking forward to seeing you there…it’s been a while!

  10. Dear Henri Sebek, we are just now obtaining more information on acquiring the DVD for this film from the filmmaker. When we have that information, we will post it.

    Thanks for your interest & support.

    Priscilla Kluge McMullen

  11. I want to buy tickets for long beach. But ticket page only asks for $ donation, not how many tickets. How do i purchase 5 tickets.

    • Hi Margaret. A donation of $15 equals a reward of one seat at the theater. A multiplication of this donation of $15, equals number of seats. So, if you want 5 seats your minimum donation is $75. Thank you!

      • Hi. Ok i will wait until another day. I tried to donate for 4 tickets. But the circle kept spi nning spinning spinning. Please notify me when its available to order 4 tickets. Not an easy process,

  12. Jeff,
    I know it is hard to find a theater at the right price. I fully understand that. I know also I will regret it, but I will not drive a car in the direction of LA. A couple of month ago I had to be on Whilshire, which is just 41 miles, but it took me nearly 2 hours to get there and going home at the same time. Away from LA is a much easier reach, like Pomona as an example. Maybe one day the film will be for sale on a dvd.

    • Ron,
      We understand. Unfortunately, that’s LA traffic. Maybe an idea is for a group of Indos in your area to arrange for a small shuttle bus to take you to Hollywood or Long Beach? We will post when the DVD becomes available.

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