Amsterdam of Immigrants: Sharing the Motherland – Video

Asiatic Fleet USS Houston

Back to Linggajati – 27-min You Tube film about the historical meaning & impact of the Linggajati Agreement made between the Dutch & Indonesians

Batavia, Dutch East Indies – videos

Bersiap – Wikipedia

COFEPOW  Children (& Families) of Far East Prisoners of War

Concert live in Dutch East Indies

Cruiser Houston Survivors

Detailed description of the Dutch Empire

Dutch cultural heritage in Indonesia

Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), the Netherlands (1930s & 1940s) YouTube film

Dutch Filmakers – Retel Helmrichs – Raw Herring Film

East Indies Camp Archives Details of Japanese prison camps

Farewell to the Indies – Watch 7 1/2 minute film on How To Do Research – Digital Archives from the 1940s

Holland:  The Original Cool – Video

Hoover Institution Stanford University

Indo Resources – Dutch & English – ArcEngel

Indocentric Chimera 

Indos in pre-colonial history

Java FEPOW Club 1942

Jews have been in Indonesia for a very long time…

Living in Amsterdam – Video

Living witness confirms existence of camp for Jews in wartime Indonesia

My Indo World

National Library Singapore Digital archive of English language newspapers between 1831-2006

Pacific War Animated – See when & how Japan captured the countries in the Pacific WWII

Prisoners of War of the Japanese 1942-1945, Western Australia

Read about the “Killer of Dutch colonialism”- the amazing story of Max Havelaar

Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian & Caribbean Studies

Stuff Dutch People Like (16.6 million people can’t be wrong, right?)

The Indies Commemoration Center

The Story of Anda Kerkhoven

The Story of the Netherlands East Indies View the tour in English or Dutch.  Use your mouse to continuously press the arrows to “walk” through the museum.




Accepts donated books about Dutch East Indies

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Indische Genealogische Vereniging

National Archives in The Netherlands

National Library of The Netherlands

Netherlands East Indies Start Page  Main resource for Dutch language sites

Netherland Institute for War Documentation

View Missed TV programs in NL

Connecting with the Indos left behind. TIP does not have direct access to names of the people but you can contact the following organizations that are set up for the specific purpose of helping the Indos left behind in Indonesia.

Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation

Stichting Adinda 

Stichting Halin 

Stichting Hulp 


Below are resources that will provide more information about the period in Indo history called The Bersiap. – also see our other dedicated resource page on The Bersiap.


Bersiap Wikipedia (English Version)

Indischekamparchieven-Bersiap (English)

Dutch Indonesian Community -“Bersiap”, Revisionism in Indonesian History Book(sic)?
Who is Responsible for the Bersiap – Jakarta Post Article

The Bersiap in Semarang (Do a search for the items below)
Children Seeking Refuge in Flight – Bersiap in Semarang
Posters from the Bersiap time 


Bersiap Wikipedia (Dutch Version)

Bersiap Archief van Tranen – Trail of Tears

A must see: Archief van Tranen (Dutch)

Comments on Archief van Tranen (Dutch)

Bersiap! Opstand in het paradijs. H.TH. Bussemaker, De Bersiap-periode op Java en Sumatra 1945-1946 (Zutphen, 2005);  De Indische School – Na de oorlog: van bersiap tot Linggadjati – Dr. H.TH. Bussemaker

Historisch Nieuwsblad -Het geweld van de Bersiap door Remco Raben (Excellent)

Kinderen op de vlucht



(Dutch) Soerabaja Surabaya, a Tropical Revolution in the Fall of 1945; film by Peter Hoogendijk; YouTube Trailer – An extremely violent revolution, followed by a fierce and bloody battle in the city of Surabaya, Java, right after WWII. This post colonial episode is entirely forgotten in the Western World, while it is proudly celebrated annually in Indonesia on Heroes Day. But while Indonesia honors its Pemuda-veterans, the events have severely traumatized thousands of (Indo) Dutch victims of the revolution. And for the British-Indian brigade that came in to help, Surabaya 1945 became a horrifying disaster. A Dutch woman finds out what shocking events happened right around her, 60 years ago, when she had to hide under a table, a 17 year old girl yet. She is confronted with three points of view: the Indonesian heroes, the Indo-Dutch victims, and the sons of the British general who got killed during a terrifying scene by an outrageous mob. The views of the persons involved in this tropical drama touch upon universal themes. www.soerabajasurabaya.n

Bevrijding Zonder Vrede – Deel 1

Bevrijding Zonder Vrede – Deel 2

Buitenkampers – 17-minute Preview of the film

Buitenkampers – Full version without English Subtitles