1. It’s wonderful to meet the diverse new team members are read why TIP is important to them. Our cultural heritage, culture, history, is very unique – something to be proud of, to celebrate, and to learn from. Happy to be part of the Indo Community!

  2. Happy New Year!
    Thank you to all the volunteers to keep connected with Indo people from all regions of the world.
    The few places where I could still mix my words and say: “Ga maar Lekker makan makan!” And someone may reply: “Aduh niet zo rakus!”

    Gezellig and Leuk.
    And I’m heard and understood.

    Thank you / Dank U wel / Terima kasih for keeping Indo heritage alive!

  3. I have published a database on Geneanet with more than 188.000 persons (and their families). At least 1 of these persons has lived in former Dutch Indies. Daily additions. So have a look. You never know and it is free.

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