I Love My Indo (s) picture displayed in the Indo Photo Album


For only $5, have a photo of your cherished person(s) added to The Indo Project Photo Album.
A caption with the name(s) of the person(s) depicted in the photo will be added.

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Order Instructions:

After ordering and your payment, send us an email info @ theindoproject.org with the photo and write the following info in your email:

1.  Full name of gift recipient(s).

2.  Your special message in 30 words or less – including your full name. For instance, start your sentence:  ‘In appreciation of (full name)’ or ‘ to recognize (full name)’ or when deceased; ‘in loving memory of (full name)’. You may also want to include date of birth and passing.  Text on the picture: for a single person photo the text will say ” I LOVE MY INDO” for a group picture the text will say “I LOVE MY INDOS”

3. Picture resolution: images that are between 1500 and 2500 pixels wide.

Please note:  The picture will be up for a period of 1 year as of the month the donation was made and photo was put up. We reserve the right to remove the photo after that period. A  new donation can be made to extend the period.