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Custom engraved coasters with TIP emblem


Our custom engraved Alder Wood coasters come with a special “Heirloom Finish” – a clear lacquer finish is applied to make the coasters waterproof and longer lasting. These coasters make for a great gift. They come in four with self-adhesive cork backing.

DVD Contractpensions with English Subtitles


The Indo Project still has some DVD’s available for distribution. This documentary depicts the conditions of the time when Indo families arrived in Holland from Indonesia after the war. Very educational and interesting!

Indo Pride Buttons


The Power of our INDO PRIDE Button.

Donations from the buttons help support The Indo Project with its mission. Show  and share your pride as it makes a great conversation starter too.

Sounds of Origin DVD


Hurry and purchase the SOUNDS OF ORIGIN DVD (NTSC format) which was presented at the 2019 TIP Talks film screening! The Indo Project has very few Sounds of the Origin DVDs now available for distribution.

The Journey of Belonging – by Lara Nuberg


In this book “The Journey of Belonging”,  Indo-Dutch writer and historian Lara Nuberg and Indonesian writer and visual artist, Lala Bohang, explore what binds them together. Are their lives connected by 350 years of Dutch presence in the Indonesian archipelago? Or has colonial history hardly left its mark on the lives of these two young women?