An attempt to find the rightful owners of 335 photo albums from former
Dutch East Indies, has resulted in 9 families getting their albums back.

Check the following website in Dutch:

We translated the first part:

Your help is needed in our search for the rightful owners of the family albums!

You can help us by indicating  the places, people or what period it is. At one or more albums. This can be done via this site and works as follows:

Add keywords yourself: Do you recognize people, places, you see indications in the captions or do you have other important information? Then you can add that information in the form of keywords to the album (“tag”). Just click on the relevant page on one of the cups (‘name’, ‘place’, ‘data’ or ‘what’) and enter your information in the field that appears. Click “add tag” and your information is stored. Bottom right you can look back under the appropriate heading or under ‘all’.

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Check out the familie albums:

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