The Indo Project is a USA-based nonprofit organization established in 2009. It was created to address the issue of preserving Indo heritage and culture and will serve as a clearinghouse of all things Indo in the English language. It is also a source of education for those unfamiliar with Indo history and culture.

Inside the Indo community

The expansive diaspora and assimilation have eroded the collective identity of Indo people. To address this, The Indo Project aims to provide information to those who have lost contact with their culture as well as for those who wish to strengthen their ties. Because of the wide spectrum of diversity, many Indos do not know the richness of their own heritage. The role of the Indo Project is to facilitate the distribution of information to the Indo community at large. This will ultimately strengthen and rekindle the Indo tradition of respect, pride, integrity, cooperation and mutual understanding among the community.

Outside the Indo community

The Indo Project also aims to educate and raise awareness of the role in Indos in society and history. They are one of the most successful refugee-immigrant groups in the USA in terms of assimilation. It is with great fortune that The Indo Project has support in the form of an Academic Council comprised of academics and authors whose expertise range from Indonesian history, Asian studies, migration, integration and the fate of Eurasians in WWII. The Academic Council provides guidance and expertise as the project progresses.

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