The Skagit County Coroner’s Office in Mount Vernon, WA is looking for the next of kin of Herbert Mathis. Please call +1-360-416-1996 or email and refer to coroner case number 005-00.

Rust in vrede (Rest in Peace)

In 2000, the heavens opened up and welcomed an Indo ancestor by the name of Mr. Herbert Mathis.

Johan Mathis (Matties) and Marianne (Annie) Rudolph became parents to Herbert on June 1 (or June 2), 1928, in Cikampek (Tjikampek) West Java, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia).

Being born in 1928, Mr. Herbert Mathis is of the Silent Generation, also known as “Traditionalists”. The Silent Generation is comprised of people who survived the Great Depression and either fought during World War II or were children during that period.

Mr. Herbert Mathis arrived in New York on August 31, 1962. He later lived in California and married Christin(e) T. Szrama on Oct 20 1962. She passed away in March 1976 in the city of Los Angeles. Mr. Mathis spent his final years in Burlington, Washington, passing away at age 72 in 2000.

May our Indo community embrace Mr. Mathis as one of our very own loved ones until any of his surviving relatives are located to claim his remains and peacefully put his soul to rest.

The Skagit County Coroner’s Office in Mount Vernon in Washington has held onto his remains since 2000 due to being unable to locate his next of kin.

Anyone with information, please call 360-416-1996 or email and refer to coroner case number 005-00.

Additional Information

To find the next of kin, the following information may be helpful:

  • Maternal grandparents: Jacob Rudolph and Anna Carolina Burki (Rudoph family tree);
    From this source we learn of a different spelling of the last name: Matties
  • Paternal grandparents: Gaudenz Mathis and Maria
  • There may be family of Herbert Mathis in the Netherlands as both parents died in the Netherlands. His father passed away in 1960 in Haarlem, the Netherlands (civil registry North Holland) and his mother passed away in 1986 in Heerlen, the Netherlands.
    His maternal grandparents registered at the municipality of The Hague, Netherlands in 1931

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