Hello to all who attended the Long Beach Holland Festival on September 5th, 2022 and especially to those that stopped by The Indo Project booth. It was an extremely hot day at 108 degrees fahrenheit, a new record since 1988 that was at 107!

It was nice to meet all the Indos who participated in our video interview project. We asked festival goers the question: “Why are you proud to be an Indo?” TIP is planning to share the final video soon.

We also enjoyed chatting with everyone at our booth. Individuals reflected on their Indo roots and life stories–which they can also share with other Indos through TIP. Remember to look for the ‘submit a story’ section on our website.

We all have Indo Pride in our history.

We were excited to hear from those younger generations that are curious to learn more about their roots and looking to volunteer with us since their parents have passed. For those seeking new Indo connections and knowledge, they commented that they were happy that TIP is written in English.

For many ‘younger generation’ Indos, who have since lost their parents, it was common for them to never hear much about their roots–as many first generation elders did not want to talk about that time. We confirmed with them that it was not unusual for that to happen and that this was one shared common thread we have as being Indos.

TIP wants to give an extra big thank you to all those that supported us by purchasing our merchandise: t-shirts, hoodies, caps, stickers, buttons, coasters and DVD’s, and making donations by trying your luck on our Wheel of Fortune Spinning Wheel.

We couldn’t do it without your interest and generosity for our non-profit organization to continue our dedication to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of Indo culture and history through education, unification and raising public awareness.



  1. My mom and pop were in the last generation of those born in The Dutch East Indies. They suffered through WW11 and the revolution. I was born in Indonesia in 1951. Considering whether to stay or leave was not much of an option. I’m proud of them to have been part of Indonesia’s development in building up that nation. Whether you think it helped the people there or not, they did make it a great country. They loved it there, so it was hard to make that decision to leave. When in Holland we weren’t appreciated by all but, it wasn’t that why we left again. My pop was in Royal Dutch Navy and had seen want America was like. He fell in love with the idea of moving there. It was my mom’s hatred of the cold that pushed the idea of living in the US their new goal. After my pop wrote several letters to President Eisenhower, requesting to migrate to the states, we were excepted! A boat trip later and then by train. We were in LA. Were my sister Mara was borne. I thank God every day for that decision They made!

  2. I enjoyed talking with you all. My father just passed in 2021 and took his stories with him. I’ve heard some but not enough to know my full roots. I’m dutch/indo my mom was from Holland Andy father was from Indonesia. I would love to know more of my roots.

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