The Indo Project (TIP) aims to inform and educate the public on Indo history and culture. Go to The Indo Project to find the latest news on the subject matter, read about family stories, either submitted or through interviews. You can also find relevant links to partner sites.

Here are some of the initiatives planned to support our mission:


One of the major initiatives of The Indo Project is to build a cultural center in the United States. To have a meeting place where people of Indo European ancestry and the general public can come together and be informed about Indo European history and culture.


Educate the world about Indo history and culture. Conduct research and establish exhibits, lectures and conferences on Tempo Doeloe, WWII, the Bersiap, Repatriation and the Indo Diaspora.  The Indo Project organizes the TIP Annual Lecture Series (first lecture series started in May 2014).  We want to educate the world by organizing exhibits in places accessible to the general public. The first one is scheduled for 2016.  Ultimately, we would like to enhance student engagement & learning such as show-and-tell kits for schoolchildren.


Collect and use historical stories to make Indo history come alive. This segment encourages Indo families to create their own extended family oral history on video, audio, or text and will be part of a collection available online stored in digital archives.


To tell the Indo story in the English language with existing and new documentaries. An important reason for making more English language and subtitled documentary films available is to keep alive the Indo culture, history and essence, especially for the younger generations in the English-speaking world.

Short term goal is to translate a selection of existing documentaries available in Dutch by having subtitles added in English. Long term goal is for TIP to produce a film and provide a voice by illustrating the historical ties to the former Dutch East Indies and the complexity of ensuing events which led to the greater Indo diaspora as it exists today.


International interest in Indo literature has grown significantly. However, most historical documents and books are written in the Dutch language. The Indo Project plans to create The Institute for the Translation of Indo literature which will promote, stimulate, and foster high quality translations.


Engage the Indo community and its constituents at gatherings and large events (like the annual Holland Festival in Long Beach). Inform, recruit new members and request support. Also organize local meetups to strengthen the Indo communities and provide an opportunity to come together to celebrate Indo culture.


The Indo Project is an international nonprofit organization and to achieve the aforementioned initiatives it depends on donations and grants. The organization seeks funding from the public as well as grants from individuals, corporations and foundations. Our work would not be successful if it were not for the commitment of our volunteers.  We continuously look for motivated volunteers with different skill sets to further our cause.

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