2022 Indo luncheons 2nd Tuesday of each month – noon-3pm (latest)


707 Center Street

San Marcos, CA 92069

9/13, 10/11, 11/8, & 12/13.


2022 Indo luncheons LAST Tuesday of each month – noon-3pm (latest)


39825 Alta Murrieta Drive

Murrieta,  CA 92563

9/27, 10/25, 11/29, & 12/27.


  1. The June 8th event at the Pan Asia Buffet in San Marcos was a wonderful reunion for many people who have attended this event in the past. So many smiles, so many “Oh my, haven’t seen her/him or them in so long.”
    There were kleine schrilletjes of recognition and so many hugs and long looks in each other eyes. Food was great as always.

    People came from everywhere: San Diego areas, Hemet, Wildomar, San Marcos, Tustin, Temecula area, Fallbrook, San Jacinto and more.

    Please invite others who would enjoy a day of speaking three or more languages, comparing food recipes, reminiscing about Indonesia and their former homes and comforts. Tempo Doeloe — the way it was….
    Come and enjoy the ambiance. Lots of room and space for many more…..

    • I will add you to the email list to announce the luncheons. We plan to add a 2nd one during the month on the last Tuesday of the month at a seafood buffet restaurant in Murrieta. We have Indos from Riverside – Hemet and San Diego areas meet together. Looking forward to having you join us.

  2. June 8th is my birthday and I am so sorry to be out of the country and having to miss it. Selamat MAkan everybody. Hope to see you at the next one.

    • Yes looking forward to seeing you soon. Please do watch out as we will have 2 luncheons per month soon. 2nd Tuesday of the month in San Marcos and last Tuesday of the month in Murrieta. Watch out for the updated info on The Indo Project website.

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