First Los Angeles Herdenking – 30th Anniversary

August 15, 1990 – August 15, 2020

Message from the Comité 15 Augustus 1945:

After thoughtful consideration of the restrictions and guidelines in place as a result of COVID-19, the Comité 15 Augustus 1945 is disappointed to announce that both the Commemoration Ceremony/Herdenking’s Ceremonie and the Freedom Ball/Bevrijdingsbal is cancelled this year.

The health and well-being of all is a priority and we know that not holding the event this year will prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help protect all. This would have been the 75-year anniversary to remember the members of the armed forces, resistance fighters, and civilians who lost their lives in the Dutch East Indies/Nederlands Indié and areas of Southeast Asia during World War II.

Please take a moment on August 15, 2020 so they may never be forgotten – NOOIT VERGETEN. Until we’re able to gather again, please stay safe and stay healthy.


A continuing note from Maureen de Schepper/TIP Board Member on…

THE HERDENKING is our annual memorial commemoration of those who served in WWII, civilian and military. Every year we honor and remember those of whom have passed before us and those still with us.  We continue sharing our Indo culture in their honor and preserve our unified heritage for the future.

Not only will we not be able to gather together this year, it will also mark the first year that our Indo icon, Rene Creutzburg with his wife, Chen, will not be in attendance, may he rest in peace. We will not forget Rene & Chen presenting a “De Indo” wreath at the wreath-laying ceremony at the flagpole.

In 2002, a special memorial monument stone was placed by the Comite at the Los Angeles cemetery honoring our fallen heroes. Each year we, the Indo Community, come from various states to recognize the passing of another year by laying flowers at this memorial and at the memorial in Northern California after the wreath-laying ceremony.  This commemoration has brought so many members of the Indo community together over the last thirty years. Though we won’t be together in person we will continue to be together in commemoration— in our hearts.

On the 75th anniversary of V-J day, we will unfortunately miss those special speeches telling us of our shared Indo past. We will not, however, forget what Indos experienced during war times, nor will we forget their further struggles to repatriate and, in many cases, come here to the USA to forge a new life in a foreign land.

I had hoped, this year, to honor my Oom Denis & Tante Connie Dutrieux who established the first Herdenking Comite in 1990, and to Leo van Lommel who took over in 1999 when my uncle passed.  Today his daughters carry on the tradition that they started. Sandy Ly is President of the Comité. Leslie Hudson and Emy van Lommel are also part of the Herdenking Choir.

Just like today’s younger generation, I was young and naive to the importance of this event. Now, as I am of senior age, and they are all gone, including my parents, I realize how important this date is and how necessary their work was to Indos.

Our continued personal connection to reach out to all Indos of all generations and our history identifies a part of who we are.  I am thankful I found The Indo Project so I can continue their work through this non-profit organization.

Please reach out to all your kids and grandkids and let them not forget what a resilient and interesting cultural group we are.  It’s up to you to open the historical dialogue that I missed from my elders so we can continue to foster the unity of our Indo connection for future generations. Help them connect now by referring them to our website, Facebook & Instagram pages so they can continue to immerse themselves in our shared Indo heritage.  We should never forget.  Honor the Past – Preserve the Future.

The Indo Project would like to continue to be your link to YOUR historical memories, your family stories, your obituaries, and events to share on our TIP event calendar.

Check out the website:  www—— and see the link “share your story” and let us hear from you so we can share or help you write your story to post on our website and our Newsletter (signup on the website).

Also checkout our Facebook page:  The Indo Project

Or Instagram:  theindoproject_official.

May we unify in our memory of the past for prosperity of our unified future.


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