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Welcome to the heart beat of  The Indo Project web site.  Together we will explore the amazing journey of our community which originated in the Dutch East Indies. There are countless stories to share and new discoveries to be found.  The purpose of the blog is to reflect, share and honor those who came before us.  It will also highlight a part of world history through the eyes of witnesses of  WWII in the Pacific.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we launch The Indo Project into the English speaking world.  So pour yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee while you read the stories on this blog.


The Indo Project Team


  1. I found your website by accident during my search for my family naam history.
    And I already signed up to join you, because I believe that sharing experience and information makes us richer.
    Keep going with the good work.
    Question: How can I add my avatar picture to the emails?

  2. A very good initiative! I wish your organisation a lot of success!

    Rick van den Broeke

  3. Hai Bianca!

    I love the fact that your scope is international based. Very interested in how new media can help sustain our legacy!

  4. hello, and congrats on this new venture…!
    Just wanted to share 2 great books on the experiences of those living in Indonesia, both before and during the japanese occupation.

    In The Shadow Of The Sun – Ronny Herman
    Chaos After paradise – Pans Schomper (there is an English version)

    all the best…

  5. hello i heard about this project from a friend of mine who lives in spain – we all grew up in brazil together. good luck in this new project!

    roy doral

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