Priscilla, Founder and Chair of The Indo Project, was born in Jakarta, on the island of Java in the former Dutch East Indies. She is of Indo-European ancestry, with a father of German Dutch descent and mother who is Indonesian.  As what so often happened to Indo families after Indonesia’s independence, her family “repatriated” from Indonesia to The Netherlands and ended their migration in the USA when Priscilla was a teenager.

Priscilla’s professional growth has been driven by her passion in working with international nonprofits whose mission she deeply believes in, as in animal protection & conservation, the abolition of nuclear weapons and prevention of war.  She has more than 30 years of leadership experience in financial development of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Americas and Europe and working with law firms in developing comprehensive marketing strategies and helping attorneys achieve their business goals.

The origin of The Indo Project was rooted in the fact that not many people recognized, at the time, what an Indo was.  Priscilla’s own experience was that people often mistake her for other ethnicities. There was a need to educate, especially the English-speaking world, about Indo people, their culture, and their history.  Her expertise in growing nascent organizations was well suited to create an international non-profit.

Today, as Chair of The Indo Project board, she counsels the organization on structural, financial, and constitutional matters. Priscilla attended Burdett College and received her B.B.A. from Northeastern University in Boston where she now resides. She is fluent in Dutch and currently serves on a number of international non-profit boards including The Indo Project.

“When I boast about my Indo ancestry, I pay homage to all who have gone before me. Preserving and raising awareness of the Indo culture with a team of truly dedicated individuals is pure joy!