Josina is a second generation Indo. She was born, raised and lives in the heart of the Netherlands. She will focus on Indo Group activities and reporting on them.

She is a journalist, photographer and filmmaker from 1986. She publishes magazines, books and videos for newspapers, bands and private individuals.

Her father was the son of a KNIL officer from Amsterdam and a German Indo woman. Her grandfather was captured by the Japanese and shipped to Burma.

She knows very little about her family history and hopes to find some answers in the collective Dutch Indo history. As a journalist she wants to know the truth about matters related to the Indo community. Facts don’t lie. Justice must be done.

The two wars in the Dutch Indies must be written about in history books, backpay must be paid. All the Dutch soldiers in Europe had their backpay immediately after they returned from war. In the Dutch Indies all soldiers were send to the second war without being paid for the first war.

The Dutch Indo’s were kicked out of their Motherland and were not welcome in their Fatherland. They ruled the Dutch Indies and became second-class citizens.

She wants to educate third and further generations about their Dutch Indo identity but in a way that inspires. In a way that people want to read and know about. Not judging the past, but learning from it.

“I want to preserve the Dutch Indo history by making books and films for Dutch Indo families including their family-story and all their family-pictures.”