Jeff Keasberry is a third generation Indo and was born in Amsterdam and raised in his grandmother’s Indonesian restaurant Djokja, of which he became the proprietor at the age of 18. Jeff has a background in the hospitality & shipping industry with experience in business development and supply chain management. As self-proclaimed curator of Indo Dutch heritage cuisine, he authored four cookbooks to share and preserve the unique food customs of a hybrid culture.

Jeff immigrated to the US in 2005. With a deep-rooted passion for connecting people, he established several social, business network groups and organizes cultural events. Taking pride in his heritage, Jeff is an active board member in several Dutch-American non-profit organizations. Realizing that little is known in the English language about Indo history and culture, he joined the Indo Project as a board member in 2010.

As vice chair his focus will be on developing programs to reach younger generations. Jeff was instrumental in providing TIP a podium at the Annual Holland Festival in LA – the largest Indo gathering in the USA. He initiated TIPTALKS – the annual seminar for sharing Indo knowledge. He spearheaded TIP’s rebranding initiative. Jeff also heads up the website and editorial committee to bring engaging content.

“Sharing Indo food and cooking techniques with family and friends gives them a chance to engage with our culture and bond with the past.”