Jan was born in Malang, E. Java in 1939 and “repatriated” from Indonesia to the Netherlands at the age of 17. He emigrated to California in 1960. In 1996 he authored a book about the 1942 Japanese invasion of his homeland, the former Dutch East Indies.

Jan has undergraduate degrees in Tropical Agriculture from a Dutch College and the University of Hawaii. He also holds advanced U.S. degrees in Health Science (M.S.,Fresno State) and in Nutrition (Ph D. Donsbach University, Huntington Beach, CA). He is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Bahasa Indonesian. Jan and his wife Joyce currently live in Visalia, California.

“Knowledge, enthusiasm and action make the world go around. I am more than glad to apply my skills in making The Indo Project a great success.”

Jan Krancher served on the board as member at large through December 2014, then became Director Emeritus. Jan passed away in 2021.