Ingrid was born in Palembang, Sumatra and repatriated to Holland, celebrating her first birthday in Den Bosch. Right after her sixth birthday, her family immigrated to the U.S. and settled in the Bay Area, California.  Five years later, at age eleven, her first poem was published and from that moment on, went on to create poems, songs, essays, short stories, and  novels.

Once she’d published over 200 pieces, she parlayed her editing skills into work as a Content Analyst & Online Editor for a Web 2.0 startup and from there, segued in to working in solar energy as the Web Editor & Marketing Manager. She continues her work as a Freelance Writer/Editor & Consultant and follows where her passions lead.

“Indonesia is my Motherland, warm & embracing; Holland is my Fatherland, whose language sounds like a song to me; but America has grown to become my Homeland, a place where I could set roots.  These three cultures live harmoniously, curiously, in my soul, all coming together in The Indo Project.”

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  1. My mother is 89 years old now, born in Jakarta, experienced many traumas during the war. Her mom was in a concentration camp in Indonesia, while her father was a POW, in Japan.
    Only on her later years did she start to share some of her and her brother’s childhood traumas experiences.
    Her mom was Indonesian, and her father was dutch. I believe due to her PTSD she basically denied her Indonesian heritage, for a good part of her life, and she didn’t start to talk about her experiences untill much later in life.
    I’m here to connect some of the dots.

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