Eric is a 2nd generation, California born Indo. My parents, who met and married in the U.S, both made similar treks (born in the DEI, repatriating to the NL) independent of each other, before making their lives here. I am one of the three children they had: my two younger sisters, one also in Cali, the other in Vegas.  It’s them, their children, as well as my 2 daughters (and yes, I am a proud “Girl Dad“), that provide my motivation for volunteering with the good people I serve with at TIP.  There will be a time, for the Indos of the 2.0, 3.0 Gens and so on, that’ll be curious of their ancestral history. Though an admitted non-academic (my job the last quarter century is as a tugboat skipper),  I have jumped onboard with that thought in mind. Since joining TIP, it’s been a lot of “learning as you go” for me, when embarking on its different campaigns. But each time we pull off some event, get an interview of one of our Indos posted, there is an inner feeling of satisfaction that my parents, though long departed, would approve of what we’re trying to accomplish here.
Lately, there has been the addition of new volunteers,
with their great talents and enthusiasm, who have infused TIP with a restored sense of determination and purpose. This, along with the timing of our 10th anniversary, has me excited of the possibilities in the days ahead.