I Love My Indo

In loving memory of Willem Albertus Haccou
Born 1926 in Sampang, Madura, DEI
Died 2016 in Palo Alto, California, USA
Rosaline Bal Haccou
Born 1924 in Soerabaja, Java, DEI
Died 2010 in Palo Alto, California, USA

Martha de Nijs

"In loving memory of Martha de Nijs on what would have been her 89th birthday." July 23, 1932 - January 6, 1959

Ma Claproth

"Happy 90th Ma. Wij houden ontzettend veel van jou!"
Her birthdate is December, 21st 1930. Beatrice Estella Abels Claproth was born on the island of Madura but is Javanese.
Son ~ William Claproth

Sonja Henninger Moll – Maureen Ellis

Mother Sonja Hinninger Moll - daughter Maureen Ellis


In loving memory of Piet Veerman, one of the last great Indos: loving husband, father, opa, brother, and uncle. We miss you! Tot de volgende keer! Love you, daughter Monica Cluff. 14 Feb 2021


Eric Morgan, with gratitude to my late parents, Anna & Arie, who set the example of honoring our unique heritage through their involvement with HABINI, back in the day... 14 Feb 2021.


Happy Birthday Danny-boy, my Valentine's Day "baby"! Thank you for making me a proud Oma of Nate and Madisyn; 14 Feb 2021 - Priscilla McMullen


Happy Valentine's Day 2021 to Michelle McMullen and Kellan Kirkpatrick McMullen, 3rd and 4th generation Indos; 14 Feb 2021. Priscilla McMullen


Original Indo sweethearts. Together forever. Patricia Teunisse - 14 Feb 2021.





Indo Oscar Micola Von Furtenrech’s heroic personal story, from Malang to Gothenburg


Indo Oscar Micola Von Furtenrech’s heroic personal story, from Malang to Gothenburg

2019 FL Kumpulan Claudine and Victor Gomez

2019-NoCal-Herdenking TIP Gijs

2019-TIP WreathDSCF8188

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