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Symbolizing a Momentum of Peace for the Whole World

Surabaya, Indonesia – 4 May is the day when De Indo Club of Soerabaya formally commemorates the death of family members, friends, civilians, and all those who served in the military during WWII. During that time, the Dutch and Allied Forces bravely sacrificed their lives in their effort to maintain victory in the former Dutch East Indies and Europe as well as other parts of the world.

This year’s commemoration is especially significant because it is held at Ereveld Kembang Kuning, in Surabaya, Indonesia. A similar commemoration is being held in Jakarta at Ereveld Menteng Pulo. The ceremony at Kembang Kuning started at 9 a.m. in the morning as as participants solemnly made their way to the Karel Doorman monument. A variety of generations were in attendance, with the young and the old coming together to raise a heartfelt voice advocating for peace and hope.

2024 4 May Dodenherdenking Honorary consul NED Lily Tjokrosusetio
Honorary consul NED Lily Tjokrosusetio

The Director of Ereveld Kembang Kuning, Audrey Latuhihin, was in attendance and accompanied by representatives of the Navy. She marched behind the Military Drum Band and laid wreaths at the Karel Doorman monument. Representatives from the Internationale Indische Club, De Indo Club Soerabaya, and the Netherlands War Graves Foundation laid wreaths as well.  

20240504 Wreaths at Dodenherdenking Kembank Kuning
Wreaths at Dodenherdenking Kembank Kuning

There was an outpour of pride and happiness felt by those attending this event.

2024 4 May Dodenherdenking Yolanda Laureen
Yolanda Laureen laying petals

Lily Jessica Tjokrosetio, the Honorary Consul of The Netherlands, was among those in attendance. In her eyes, this commemoration honors those who were lost in war, as well as those who have dedicated their life bringing peace to the people in the future. “This commemoration is intended to appreciate the people whom we have lost in the world. How they have made a difference and influenced peace in the world,” said Lily.

Yan Ferdinandus, Secretary of De Indo Club of Soerabaya, said that this commemoration is held to remember the people that made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII. ” Through this event, people will know and understand that peace is needed for the entire human race,” Ferdinandus said. 

2024 4 May Dodenherdenking Indos Audrey Latuhihin,Voorzitter op ereveld Kembang Kuning.. Die 2 manen v d Zeemacht.
May 4, 2024 Dodenherdenking - Audrey Latuhihin, Voorzitter op ereveld Kembang Kuning.

Over fifty people of all ages, backgrounds, and statuses, attended the Kembang Kuning commemoration, and their attendance is a reminder that it is not war that solves problems, but coming together in discussions and building stronger understanding and mutual relationships within our communities.

2024 4 May Honorary Consul Lily Jessica Tjokrosetio, the Honorary Consul of NL w DICS Members
Honorary Consul Lily Jessica Tjokrosetio, the Honorary Consul of Netherlands with DICS Members

Reporting: Petrus Reawaruw Communications Officer for De Indo Club of Soerabaya

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