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TIP INTRO to Creutzburg painting delivery to Vivian Boon, Editor-in-Chief – Moesson Magazine, an Indisch magazine published in The Netherlands

Throughout so many years, back from the sixties, anyone visiting René Creutzburg’s home would see these two paintings created by Hado Benjamin on the wall of the famous Indo Creutzburg’s library.  After René Creutzburg’s passing last May, Moesson magazine in The Netherlands was very interested in the paintings so that they can display them together in the Moesson headquarters.

Portraits in Creutzburg Home
Portraits of Tjalie Robinson (left) and Rene Creutzburg (right) in Creutzburg Home in Southern California

Due to the kindness of the Creutzburg family heirs, they agreed to offer both paintings and allowed The Indo Project to facilitate this exchange transaction (see TIP team photo of August transaction that includes Franz & Traci Creutzburg, oldest son of René with wife).  Please see photo of this transaction.

TIP Chairwoman, Priscilla Kluge McMullen had a planned trip to The Netherlands to attend the multiple Herdenking events and was able to hand-deliver the paintings to Vivian Boon/granddaughter and new Moesson editor-in chief.  Please see the photo of article printed in the October Moesson issue in Dutch and here we have the English translation.

The Indo Project and Moesson sincerely thank the Creutzburg family for their unselfish donation of these paintings so they can continue to have a memorable and historical display for all times for many to see.

Creutzburg family donates paintings to Stichting erfgoed Tjalie Robinson

In the sixties, when Tjalie Robinson and his family lived in California, he and René Creutzburg became friends and worked closely together. The two men shared the conviction that the Indo-community should unite and keep the Indo-European culture alive.

It was in that period that René Creutzburg started with De Indo, the small monthly magazine that was very well known and read not only in California, but worldwide. Creutzburg passed away in May of this year. For 57 years he was the driving force behind De Indo – unfortunately now that Cruetzburg is no longer there to publish it, De Indo’s last edition has been published.

Over the years, René Creutzburg has put together a large collection of books about Indo-European culture and history. In his library he had two portraits: one of himself, one of Tjalie Robinson. Both were painted in 1966 and signed by Hado.

TIP Delivers Portraits to Moesson
TIP Chair Priscilla McMullen Delivers Portraits of Tjalie Robinson and Rene Creutzburg to Moesson Magazine

René Creutzburg’s children have generously donated the two paintings to the Stichting erfgoed Tjalie Robinson in Almere, the Netherlands. This foundation wants to safeguard the Indo-European cultural heritage for the next generations. The digital archives of Moesson magazine and the Moesson library are part of the foundation. Moesson is thé magazine for and by the Indo-European community and was founded in 1956 bij Tjalie Robinson.

Priscilla Kluge-McMullen of the Indo Project handed the lovely portraits over to director of the board Vivian Boon, granddaughter of Robinson and also editor-in-chief of Moesson. The Indo Project played an important part in the donation of the portraits and Priscilla Kluge-McMullen hand-carried the portraits to the Netherlands, making sure they made it across the Atlantic.

‘I am so grateful that the heirs of René Creutzburg donated these lovely paintings to the Stichting erfgoed Tjalie Robinson’, Vivian Boon says. ‘The portrait of René Creutzburg will always remind us of his important work and his neverending love for the Indo-European community. The portrait of my grandfather now hangs on the walls of Moesson, the magazine he was so committed to and the place he loved so dearly.’

TIP Receives Portraits from Creutzburg Family
TIP Receives Portraits from Creutzburg Family (Franz & Traci Creutzburg, oldest son of Rene with wife) in Southern California

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  1. I have left comments referring to this photo post, yet have not received any feedback. It seems my comments are now ignored, because while my initial comments were harsh to the Indo Project and offended some in the Creutzburg family, my relationship with Oom Rene was positive that in also helped the Indo Project. Therefore I would like, and ask an honest answer in return. As I have stated in past comments/posts in face book referring to Mr. Creutzburg/Oom Rene’s library, he mentioned a name the last 3 years from the Indo Project as his point of contact, and whether that is a subject not wanted to be discussed, or a mute point by now, it begs a question was that also a reason I was removed from Jack’s face book group, because it seems Jeff may of used my harsh criticism of the Indo Project and the Creutzburg family to influence my removal ? Yes, I was a monitor for years in Jack’s face book group, as was Jeff a monitor, and now an admin. I may of crossed many in the his group monitoring posts and giving my feedback, but understand also, I must be held to the rules of his group. As I was a member, volunteer for the Indo Project for years, and kept in contact and always supported events, one way or another, and even promoted others to volunteer, I would appreciate a response. I think the board members can understand, I was part of the helpers/volunteers for Oom Rene’s DE INDO since May 2017, a volunteer for your project since 2016, and a member of Jack’s face book since 2014, or earlier. I do not blame others or make excuses for my mistakes with my comments or actions, or I try not to, but each group have also benefited.

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