This year’s annual memorial ceremony was presented once again by the ‘Comité 15 augustus 1945′ under the auspices of the Nederlandse Veteranen Vereniging Wapenbroeders USA. Last Saturday, August 10, 2013, a group of about 50 people came together at the Los Angeles National Cemetery.  The President, Mr. Auke Mensink, welcomed  the attendees gathered to commemorate those Dutch service men and women and citizens who lost their lives during WWII in the Dutch East Indies. Also remembered were those who died during the ‘Bersiap Period’.

The Memorial Choir sang the hymns: ‘Wat de toekomst brenge moge’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’

Special song,  ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ by Mrs. Ans Schoew.

Speakers:  Mr. Victor Ripassa (Master of Ceremonies), Father John Neiman (opening prayer), Mr. George Bacon (Director of L.A. National Cemetery), Mr Hugo von Meijenveldt (the new Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands), Mr. Andy Willemz.

Photo by Jeff Keasberry:

Left – Mr Hugo von Meijenveldt (the new Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)

Right – Mr. Auke Mensink,  The President of Comite 15 Augustus 1945

Photo by Jeff Keasberry.

After the wreath ceremonies, tattoo and parade and floral tributes at the memorial, the attendees gathered to reflect about the day with some coffee and cake.


A week earlier, for the first time, a memorial ceremony was held for the Bay Area: HERDENKING 15 AUGUSTUS 1945 on  4 August  at Oakmont Memorial Park-Lafayette, California.  Rudy Moll shares:  It was impossible for many elderly in Northern California to attend the annual commemoration of WWII veterans in Los Angeles.  Henny Neys en Gijs Axt moved heaven and earth to make the 1st memorial in Lafayette a great success.  It was stately, respectful, unforgettable and moving. Thanks to Henny, Gijs and many others, who provided assistance.


Photo by Rudy Moll. From left to right: John Mol, Albert Tiendas, Henny Thomson and Ron Rancuret.

Photo by Rudy Moll.

Photo by Rudy Moll.  From left to right:  Henny Neys, Gijs Axt


  1. Great photos, I would have liked the names of the veterans who appeared in the photos and their respective service branch. My father was a cadet (aged 18) with the MLD (Marine Luchtvaart Dienst) transferred for safety from Surabaya to Morkrembangan billeted in “Hanger Six” before escaping to Ceylon on the Kota Baroa.

    He finally ended up in England (via Ceylon and Durban SA) and was one of the men who formed 320 Squadron at Bircham Newton England, 860 SQ aboard the HNLMS Macoma & Gadila, and 861 SQ.

    Other men from the Kota Baroa went on to serve in the Antilles on convoy escort to America and in England served with the Dutch Submarines, PT Boats and in Torpedo factories based in Scotland and along the East Coast of England.

    So never let it be said that these men did not serve their country and that Indos did not fight for the freedom of the Netherlands in Europe.

    Ray Hartman Kok England.

    • Who said that Indos and Totoks didn’t fight for the freedom of Europe?
      Remember ‘Soldier of Orange’, ‘Soldaat van Oranje’? They were all Indos and Totoks!

  2. Op de foto van de Bay area herdenking staan mannen in prachtige militaire uniformen. Een er van is John Moll, uitgedost als een Koninklijke Marine officier compleet met sabel. Ik wil graag weten of hij inderdaad die rang heeft bekleed, want ik ben zelf Reserve Eerste Luitenant geweest en mocht toen beslist geen zwaard dragen omdat ik geen Militaire Academische opleiding had. En om zo te verschijnen in het buitenland moesten wij eerst toestemming vragen, echt wel. Ik ben reuze benieuwd.
    Rene’ Creutzburg,
    Lid in De Orde van Oranje Nassau

    • Hi Rene, I will get in touch with John Mol and let you know, k?
      Best regards,
      Ingrid McCleary
      Newsletter & Web Editor

  3. Please check out the pictures and provide matching names. The speakers shown, are the Dutch Consul, in the left picture, and on the right Auke Mensingh.
    Mr. Ripassa, ?????????

    • Hi Jeannette,
      I’m sorry you missed it this year. I did put notice on the TIP Summer 2013 Newsletter for both the North Bay & Los Angeles Herdenking Ceremonies. I would recommend signing up for the newsletter: so that you’ll get advance notice of events happening in the US, Canada, and abroad..

      Our next quarterly newsletter is due out end October. Let me know if you’d like me to send you the Summer Newsletter, k? The Winter & Spring issues can be read here:

      I’m fairly confident that the Bay Area Herdenking Ceremony will repeat next year and I too, plan to attend that one.
      Best regards,
      Ingrid McCleary
      Newsletter & Web Editor

      • Deborah Kent – Jason What a wonderful liltte family you have; you all look so happy and contented, Your liltte guys are darling wish I could meet them and Megan. Meridith captures clearly personality with her shots. Congratulations!

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