In Colorado, Indos are meeting regularly to share a meal and build community. The Colorado Kumpulan is hosted by Lies Dohne and Teda DaCosta. The group of 40+ members meet for lunch every month at different restaurants, mostly Asian, in the greater Denver Area. 

If you live in Denver, the Colorado Kumpulan is a great opportunity to meet other Indos, build community and connect with your culture. For example, in 2022 they hosted a Christmas celebration. Joyes Waisapey, a very authentic Indonesian cook from Aurora, Colorado, catered a delicious meal that everyone enjoyed.

While the group originally had about 90 members, many have passed away or moved to other states. The Colorado Kumpulan is a very friendly and fun group–that is always looking for new members. Everybody is welcome to join. 

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  1. Hello There
    I’d like to connect with the Colorado Kumpulan.
    I did go to a few events, but lost contact over time.
    Thanks, Paul

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