An Indo ‘Doddy’ in Real Life and in Fiction.

Author: Kathryn Pentecost © 2013               The following is a story about my great-aunt Doddy. Was she named after Louis Couperus’s Doddy in his famous novel, De Stille Kracht (The Hidden Force), I ask myself? If not, then… Read More

Imagined Communities in Cyberspace*.

By Kathryn Pentecost ©2013  ‘Communities can be distinguished, not by their falsity/genuineness, but by the style in which they are imagined’. (Benedict Anderson, 1991:6) On 17 August 1945, after over three hundred years of Dutch colonial rule, (and… Read More

Too Late to Ask Is Worse Than Afraid to Ask.

By Inez Hollander – June 3, 2013. My mother strongly advised against it. Everyone in my family knew that her cousin, Harry, had seen horrors during the war in the Dutch East Indies that neither he nor his… Read More


By Walter Ben von Stockhausen, April 2013 In the period of 1957-1958, a major migration of Dutch Indonesians from Indonesia to the Netherlands took place.  The major cause for this was the worsening political climate for the Dutch… Read More


By Louise Rouwhof-Krancher. Jan 12, 2013. I was encouraged by my brother Jan A. Krancher who lives in the US, to commit some of my Indies memoires to paper. He is an author in his own right and… Read More

A Moment.

By Maja S. Mortensen Nanning Life Changing Moments in America Keeshonden (The national dog of the Netherlands) are part of our family. A  Korean veterinarian who completed his internship in the Netherlands opened a practice in town. His… Read More

Sumatra Railway.

By Jan Krancher Book:  Ambushed under the Southern Cross Author:  Capt. George W. Duffy Highly decorated Capt. George W. Duffy has authored the book “Ambushed under the Southern Cross . . . The Making of an American Merchant… Read More

Pearl Harbor Remembered.

By Bianca Dias-Halpert USS Wichita (CA-45)  Ship’s Chief Petty Officers listen to the radio broadcast of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s address to the Congress requesting a declaration of War against the Axis powers, circa 8 December 1941.  Note… Read More

The Camps.

By Jan Krancher, California, USA Overview of the Japanese Imprisonment Experience   The Japanese High Command on Java attempted to coerce the Indo-European members of the former Royal Netherlands-Indies Army, Navy and Air Force to enlist in the… Read More

The Last Nyonya.

By Bianca Dias-Halpert, Washington, USA An article appeared in the magazine NOW! Bali August 2010 about a Dutch lady who has lived in Indonesia her entire life.  They were kind enough to let me share their findings with… Read More