Indische Rijsttafel officially added to the list of Dutch Cultural Heritage

By Jeff Keasberry. December 1st, 2015 is a historic day, as the traditional Indische* rijsttafel (a culinary icon of the Indische culture, with roots in the former Dutch East Indies), has been added to the National Inventory Cultural Heritage… Read More

Indo Dutch Food Culture.

By Jeff Keasberry As of this month we are adding a new category to our TIP site: Food.  Eating and cooking are at the core of our culture and talking about it equally so. The objective is not… Read More

Grocery Stores.

By Bianca Dias-Halpert, Washington, USA The Power of a Grocery Store A new environment, new food, new customs and everything familiar left behind.  We usually do not think of a grocery store as being significant in our daily… Read More