An Indo On A Mission: One Woman’s Passion To Share Her Gratitude To The United States

By Eric Morgan An Interview with Charlotte Van Steenbergen  I had the good fortune to be invited to hear an Indo lady named Charlotte Van Steenbergen, speak before a professional women’s networking group, on December 10th, at Laguna… Read More

Breaking News: SF Board of Education unanimously passes a Resolution to support ‘Comfort Women’ history textbook in California

By Phyllis Kim. Last night, San Francisco Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution, supporting recent curriculum revision proposed by California Department of Education’s Instructional Quality Commission.  California Department of Education will consider this revision on May 11 and… Read More


by Inez Hollander Lake As an official partner of the Comfort Women Justice Coalition, Linda Kimbrough and Inez Hollander Lake of The Indo Project attended a dinner in Chinatown in San Francisco on March 28. The international coalition… Read More

Missing Sybald…

Sybald L. Loth passed away on December 18, 2015. To say that we miss him at The Indo Project (TIP) would be a gross understatement. He left not only a grieving family and friends but a huge void… Read More

Prisoner Number 124

By Suzanne Murphy. Mukden, Manchuria: Japanese Prisoner of War number 124 was interned in the infamous slave labor camp for a total of forty-four death defying months. This teen-aged, American U. S. Army, soldier’s name was Sigfreid “Siggy” Schreiner,… Read More

Announcing: The Indo Project Research Fellowship.

The Indo Project (, an international non-profit organization and the #1 portal for the Indo Dutch community worldwide, invites eligible candidates to apply for The Indo Project Research Fellowship to promote and publish original research covering any aspect of the… Read More

Indonesian Pilgrimage, Part I.

By Inez Hollander. In 2008, I published Silenced Voices with Ohio University Press– the book was a so-called family memoir about the hidden force of the Dutch East Indies in my mother’s family: more than three generations of her family… Read More

Interview with Kees Kunstt, a longtime stalwart for the Indo Cause

By Eric Morgan Interview with Kees Kunstt on Wednesday, November 4, 2015. Oom  Kees has always been an active voice in the SoCal Indo community. He and his wife Tante Margie, who are coming up on 45 years… Read More

Lost Childhood: My Life in a Japanese Prison Camp During World War II – a TIP Book Review

By Willem ten Wolde I was researching books written in English about the Japanese prison or internment camps in the former Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia, when I found Annelex Hofstra Layson’s autobiography Lost Childhood: My Life in… Read More

Dutch Government started back pay after more than 70 years.

AFTER MORE THAN 70 YEARS, The Dutch Government is finally starting to distribute back-pay owed to Civil Servants and Soldiers who served during WWII in the former Dutch East Indies!  Translation by Priscilla McMullen of article: “Staat keert… Read More