Backpay Scheme extended by a year

Backpay Scheme extended by a year On 24 December 2015, the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) introduced the Backpay benefit scheme in consultation with the Indisch Platform. This scheme has recently been extended by a… Read More


The First of its Kind in the English Language by Inez Hollander OK. I am biased.  When Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and food writer, Jeff Keasberry, asked me to proofread his Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets manuscript, the first cookbook for Indo Dutch cuisine… Read More

The Indo Project interview with Henny Neys

By Eric Morgan This recipient of the “Order of Orange-Nassau”  (in 2008, as recognition by the Dutch government for her service on behalf of its people), does not need much of an introduction to the readers of The Indo Project  (or… Read More

TIP TALKS coming to NorCal

Sign up up for our first TIP TALKS in North California. We will be talking about our shared culinary heritage – the food that binds us together! In a true Indo fashion we never stop talking about food…. Read More


The Never Before Told Story Of A Forgotten Period After WWII And A Gruesome Discovery In The Mountains Of Java. By Hans Vervoort. The War Cemetery, Kembang Kuning, in Surabaya is impressive. Thousands of white crosses for World… Read More


By: Priscilla Kluge McMullen. Grave # BB12. Ereveld Kembang Kuning,Surabaja, Indonesia. June 21 has always been a difficult day for the Kluge family, a supposedly joyful day announcing the start of the Summer, that somehow was often overshadowed by… Read More

Journey of the Emanuels

By Linda Kimbrough Happy news from Heddy Emanuel of Anaheim, CA. Last month, her son Colonel Frank D. Emanuel was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. A luncheon to celebrate this promotion was held at the Sacramento Military… Read More

Learning about heritage through food

More than 2,000 people came together to celebrate their heritage at the 27th Holland Festival, held at Gemmrig Park, in Long Beach. For many of the attendees (around 70% with roots in the former Dutch East Indies), it… Read More

TIP TALKS: The Food That Binds Us Together

RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! Suggested minimum donation: $15.00 per person Includes free parking, entry, discussion & sweet & savory samples with refreshments will be served after the presentations and Q and A session.   Pay by credit card or PayPal… Read More

The Visit to Hiroshima: Flawed Diplomacy

An editorial by Inez Hollander, PhD On the different social media platforms, discussions regarding the visits by Kerry and Obama to Hiroshima became emotional and contentious. While the visits have been planned carefully with the caveat that neither… Read More