On The Move In Indonesia

By Roger Green. Dokars: A dokar is the jiggling, horse-drawn cart found throughout Indonesia. The two-wheeled carts are usually brightly colored with decorative motifs and bells. The small horses or ponies often have long tassels attached to their… Read More

The Indische Kwestie: Developments in the 1950s – Part III

A Special Indo Project Editorial Series. by Inez Hollander, Ph.D. On Tuesday, February 28th, party leader Alexander Pechtold of the political party D’66, was a guest in a talkshow and referred to the migrants who came from Indonesia to the Netherlands… Read More

John Von Bargen: “One who is proud to show… what an Indo can do!”

By Eric Morgan John, speaking at the 2016 Herdenking Ceremony During the August 2016 Herdenking Ceremony held at the Los Angeles National Cemetery, longtime Southern California Indo John von Bargen was asked to give the Invocation, as well… Read More

The Indische Kwestie Part II: The Period 1945-1953

A Special Indo Project Editorial Series Part II by Inez Hollander, Ph.D. When the Dutch East Indies were liberated after the dropping of the atomic bombs in 1945, The Netherlands tried to take back its colony and conduct business as… Read More

Back Pay and War Damages. How the Netherlands has dropped the ball in contrast with other Allied countries

A Special Indo Project Editorial Series Part I by Inez Hollander, Ph.D. On the Indische Kwestie, Back Pay and Human Rights Harry Francken, who became the main character of my book Silenced Voices (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2008),… Read More

Jack Profijt to join The Indo Project Board of Directors.

Old Dutch-Indonesian Community Facebook Group is now officially part of The Indo Project Online Network. The Old Dutch-Indonesian Community Facebook Group (8000+ members) has officially joined The Indo Project Online Network as of January 2017,. The Indo Project… Read More

Of Old People and the Things that Won’t Pass and the Perfidious Role of Successive Dutch Cabinets

On the Indische Kwestie, Back Pay and Human Rights Announcing: a special editorial series by Inez Hollander, Ph.D. Van oude mensen en de dingen die voorbijgaan (Of Old People and the Things that Pass) is a famous novel by… Read More

Recap from Jamie’s Seminar Presentation in the Netherlands

Recap from Jamie’s Seminar Presentation in the Netherlands In August 2016, I was nominated to attend a Migration Seminar in the Netherlands to present the research I’ve been compiling for The Indo Project. Our data collection has been… Read More

Shinzo Abe Visits Pearl Harbor: Breakthrough or More of the Same?

special editorial by Inez Hollander, PhD The Indo Project was pleased to see that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the first Japanese Prime Minister to visit and honor the victims of Pearl Harbor, which was a breakthrough and… Read More


By Leroy Moorrees In July 1962, my parents, two brothers and I, left Vught / ‘s-hertogenbosch, the Netherlands for America. I remember very little from the ship, the Groote Beer that took us from Rotterdam to New York,… Read More