Annual Commemoration August 15, 1945 in LA focussed on younger generations

Most people commemorate the end of the Second World War in the Netherlands on May 4th and 5th May, but in fact the war only came to an end on 15 August. Then the Japanese domination of the… Read More

TIP celebrating Indo Dutch Heritage at Holland Festival 2018

For the 29th time families and friends gathered at the annual Holland Festival in Long Beach. Up to 4 generations with roots in the Netherlands and the former Dutch East Indies celebrated their heritage while enjoying typical foods,… Read More

Why do we stand for our right to claim unpaid wages?

I am standing here on behalf of my uncle Loet Hoogvelt and my aunt Loes Flohr- who, at 90 years of age, is not avoiding the courts to contest the Backpay settlement- I am standing here on behalf… Read More


The following article first published in August 2017 details the funding of a “Dutch Indo Meeting Place” in The Hague, the Netherlands.  Funds were also set aside for the annual Herdenkingsdag Commemoration on August 15 and a virtual… Read More

Engineering in the Dutch East Indies: the lens matters!

Dear Reader: We often hear about architecture and public works in the former Dutch East Indies that are not in existence anymore.  This article points out the public works built during the colonial era of Indonesia which are… Read More

No Backpay for Descendants of KNIL Soldiers and Civil Servants from the Dutch East Indies

Relatives of former KNIL soldiers and civil servants from the Dutch East Indies will not receive any overdue salaries from their parents, once deceased. The Central Board of Appeal confirmed an earlier court ruling. . During the v (1942-1945),… Read More

Josina Hillsland joins TIP

Please meet and welcome Josina Hillsland, our new TIP Liaison in the Netherlands who will keep us updated (among other things) about the Indische Kwestie and other matters related to the Indo community in the Netherlands: My name… Read More

The Jewish community of the Dutch East Indies

Indonesia has a small Jewish population. In the 19th century, most of the Jews in the Dutch East Indies (now called Indonesia) were Dutch Jews from the Netherlands. The rest of the Jews in Indonesia were mainly immigrants from Iraq… Read More


The Indo Project, Inc. is currently seeking a Website Content Manager for their website and Social Media Pages.  The Website Content Manager will be responsible for growing unique visitors to our key community-oriented site and social media… Read More

Women made to become comfort women – the Dutch East Indies

The former Netherlands (Dutch) East Indies is present-day Indonesia. The Japanese military occupied the Dutch colony in 1942 during the Pacific War, then placed Dutch nationals in internment facilities and prisoner-of-war camps (90,000 civilians, 40,000 military personnel). Some officials… Read More