Who will win the Golden Rice Bowl 2013?

Dutch-Indonesian cooking is very much alive and ready for the 21st century. For the first time a Dutch-Indonesian cooking competition will be held in the Netherlands. This event is initiated and organized by the online magazine Indisch 3.0.  I have the honor to be part of the jury together with two distinguished Chefs; Pascal Jalhay and Lonny Gerungan.  Below an excerpt of what is published on the website of

Dutch-Indonesian cooking in the 21st century: The taste of the past, the ingredients of the present and the preparation of tomorrow.

Lovers of Dutch-Indonesian (Indies, or Indisch as they say in Dutch) cuisine can participate in the first edition of the Dutch-Indonesian cooking competition. In this cooking competition, the jury, Pascal Jalhay, Lonny Gerungan and Jeff Keasberry, will be looking for the most innovative dish. Jury President Jalhay says, “We want to explore the culinary potential of the Dutch-Indonesian cuisine. Who will be the best cook?”

The cooking competition submissions closed on October 21st and a maximum of 10 nominees will prepare their dishes and present it to the jury in Amsterdam on November 4th.  The winner will be awarded the Sayah Golden Rice Bowl 2013.

Pascal Jalhay and Lonny Gerungan said it in the Dutch newspaper NRC, Jeff Keasberry said it in his blog and the famous food critic Johannes van Dam said it at Indomania, “Dutch-Indonesian cuisine is due for renewal. If the kitchen wants to continue to evolve,  new dishes are needed. To boost the development of new Dutch-Indonesian dishes, the online magazine Indisch 3.0 is organizing the ‘Dutch-Indonesian cooking competition 3.0”.

Food as the heart of the Dutch-Indonesian culture.

Kirsten Vos (Indisch 3.0) explains why an online magazine organized a cooking competition. “As Indisch 3.0, we focus on existing and new expressions of the Dutch-Indonesian culture. An often heard remark like, ‘the Dutch-Indonesian culture is dying’ makes us develop a rash. With this competition, we want to demonstrate how the Dutch-Indonesian culture, with the Dutch-Indonesian food at the heart of it, is alive and ready for the 21st century.”

Made in Holland, acknowledged in Indonesia?

With these new dishes the jury expects to show that we are ready for the 21st century, and maybe more importantly, to strike a bridge with Indonesia. “Made in Holland, acknowledged in Indonesia,” is the thought behind it. Dutch-Indonesian food can be used to reinforce the relationship between the two countries. The organization is working on offering the winning dish during a prominent, future-oriented event in Indonesia.

The candidates are ready.

Eight candidates have been nominated and are invited for the cook-off to be held in Amsterdam on November 4th.

This competition is an initiative of the online magazine Indisch 3.0 and is partly made possible by Hanos, the Embassy of Indonesia, Restaurant Blauw, Keizer Culinair and Sayah.

For more on the Cooking Competition in Dutch click here.

©2013 Jeff Keasberry – Artwork by Indisch 3.0.


  1. Niet alleen het publiceren van het recept, maar ik zou ook graag willen weten wat de achtergrond van de kokken zijn.
    Waarom? Een kok wiens familie is opgegroeid op midden Java heeft de neiging zoet te koken. Terwijl een kok die uit een familie komt met achtergrond Padang, gebruikt geen suiker en maakt het vaak veel pittiger.


  2. Is it possible that the recipes for his competition will be published?
    I live in Canada. Love to cook but live far away from major cities.
    Recipes would be a great help.
    All the best.

    • That sounds like a great idea! Will check with Jeff upon his return & he’ll post a reply here, k? Thanks, Ingrid McCleary

  3. I am so excited to see this. I can hardly wait for the results…please post the recipes…especially for those in the US.

    • Louise, I guess great minds think alike as Adrian Overdulve also asked for the recipes. Jeff will get back to you once he returns stateside, k? Thanks, Ingrid McCleary

  4. Wou dat ik mee had kunnen doen, maar ik ben 2e generatie en woon te ver. Jeff, hoop dat het allemaal smaakt. Zal wel moeilijk worden…

    Translated: Wish I could do that, but I am 2nd generation and live too far away. Jeff, hope it all tastes great. Will be difficult to choose …

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