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Looking for next of kin of Herbert Mathis (Matties)

The Skagit County Coroner’s Office in Mount Vernon, WA is looking for the next of kin of Herbert Mathis. Please call +1-360-416-1996 or email and refer to coroner case number 005-00. Rust in vrede (Rest in Peace) In 2000, the heavens opened up and welcomed an Indo ancestor by…

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TIP’s Top 2023 Indo Stories and News Articles

Reflecting on the most noteworthy stories and news articles from The Indo Project (TIP) in 2023. Explore to discover if your favorite TIP articles made it to the top of the 2023 list! Plus, scroll down to learn about some exciting new adventures The Indo Project is starting in 2024!…

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Poesaka - the liberation in the Dutch East Indies and WWII in Southeast Asia

Tragedy and Transformation: Dutch East Indies to Indonesia

Want to learn (more) about WWII in the Dutch East Indies, the Bersiap Period and the Independence War? Watch the 40-minute documentary by Simone Berger & Armando Ello with English subtitles. On December 3, 2023, The Indo Project hosted a live online Q&A session with the filmmakers. Over 60 people…

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Treat The Indo Project on its Fourteenth Anniversary

by Jamie Stern We are celebrating The Indo Project’s fourteenth anniversary! Fourteen years ago, on October 31st, we officially became known as The Indo Project. If you’d like to “treat” The Indo Project with a donation, please click here. The Indo Project is a small but mighty movement fueled by…

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A Historical Look at Dutch Indos in California, U.S.A.

by The Indo Project Indos are thriving worldwide. Sometimes, however, Indos in California may not feel that sense of communal belonging or historical presence, and yet we truly are an authentic community. To this point, Dutch freelance journalist Inge Oosterhoff, has published a wonderful new long form article in the…

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2023 Commemorations of August 15, 1945 in the Netherlands

On August 15, 2023, the victims of the Second World War in the former Dutch East Indies were commemorated in over fifty places in the Netherlands. The war experiences and the large-scale displacement that followed are still affecting two million people in the Netherlands with an Indies family war story…

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2023 LA Herdenking Indo

15 August 1945 Commemoration and Liberation Ball 2023

De Geest Overwint The Indo Project was honored to host its first annual Commemoration and Liberation Ball on Saturday, August 12, 2023, in Buena Park, California. This important event is about our shared heritage and a tribute to generations that came before us. The event’s theme was “De Geest Overwint”…

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Herdenking and Bevrijdingsbal 2023

Herdenking = Commemoration of the End of WWII Bevrijdingsbal = Liberty Ball to Celebrate our Freedom You are cordially invited to The Indo Project’s first annual Commemoration and Liberation Ball on Saturday, August 12, 2023, 1-5pm in Southern California. Join the Southern California Indo community as we honor the Dutch…

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Holland Festival Celebrating King’s Day 2023

On Sunday, April 30, 2023, The Indo Project was present at the well-attended 33rd Annual Holland Festival celebrating Dutch King’s Day in Long Beach, California. This year the two annual Dutch events, Holland Festival and Dutch King’s Day, merged into ONE BIG EVENT! Over two thousand people showed up for…

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Indo Kumpulan: Join Us in the Rockies

In Colorado, Indos are meeting regularly to share a meal and build community. The Colorado Kumpulan is hosted by Alice Dohne and Teda DaCosta. The group of 40+ members meet for lunch every month at different restaurants, mostly Asian, in the greater Denver Area.  The December kumpulan is the only…

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2023 Kumpulan sponsored by SoCal Indo

SoCal Kumpulan: Tell Your Indo story in 2023

SoCal Indo founder Michael Passage started 2023 by hosting a very well-attended Kumpulan, which is Indonesian for “gathering”. The event was attended by Indos and others with a shared history in the Dutch East Indies. Over seventy people from multiple California counties gathered on the evening of Friday, January 6th…

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TIP’s Top 2022 Indo Stories and News Articles

A look back at The Indo Project’s top stories and news articles of 2022. Did your favorite TIP articles make the top five lists? Top Five Indo Stories #5 Oma Moesje Read about how Robert Kaya’s Oma from Kota Raja, Aceh, ended up in the Statenkwartier, The Hague. #4 Indo…

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Long Beach Holland Festival 2022

Hello to all who attended the Long Beach Holland Festival on September 5th, 2022 and especially to those that stopped by The Indo Project booth. It was an extremely hot day at 108 degrees fahrenheit, a new record since 1988 that was at 107! It was nice to meet all…

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The Indo Project Commemorates Herdenkingen 2022

August 15th is the annual commemoration of the end of WWII in the former Dutch East Indies. An event in which we honor those who suffered and sacrificed their lives. The Indo Project is proud to be present at major events held in The Netherlands representing all the Indos worldwide…

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Holland Festival 2022 Moved to Labor Day Weekend

The annual Holland Festival in Long Beach has permanently moved to Labor Day Weekend and will be celebrated this year on Sunday, September 4th, 2022. For many Southern California Indos, Memorial Day weekend in May was synonymous with the Holland Festival. The Holland Festival is an annual event celebrated at…

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Commemorating and Celebrating May 4 and 5

On May 4th the Netherlands commemorates victims of war; on May 5th the people celebrate the fact that they live in freedom. The National Committee helps determine how meaning is given to commemorating and celebrating the memory of the Second World War. The national observance of Remembrance Day in the…

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Over de Grens

Beyond the Pale – Over de grens

An Editorial on the Introduction to Over de grens  by Inez Hollander, Ph.D. Director Emeritus for The Indo Project and Author of Silence Voices/Verstilde stemmen en verzwegen levens I apologize to you, dear reader.  I was going to read the recently published decolonization research anthology Over de grens: Nederlands extreme…

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Rutte: deep apologies to Indonesians

[Telegraaf article 2/17/2022 by Alexander Bakker – translated by Margaret Maugenest] Rutte: deep apologies to Indonesians for extreme and systematic violence BRUSSELS — In response to findings of the investigation into extreme violence being used by the Dutch against the Indonesians during the War for independence in Indonesia (1945-1949), Prime…

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Ons Land - Our Country, exhibit in The Hague

Ons Land exhibit opens at museum Sophiahof in The Hague

The official opening of the exhibition Ons Land – decolonization, generations and stories, was February 8th, 2022. Representatives of The Indo Project were invited to take a sneak peek at the Sophiahof Museum in The Hague. ‘Ons Land’ is Dutch for Our Country. This exhibition is about Dutch colonial history…

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Rijksmuseum Exhibit Revolusi - Bersiap

Revolusi Revisionism by the Rijksmuseum?

The Back Story In light of the upcoming REVOLUSI exhibit at the Rijksmuseum which deals with the independence struggle of Indonesia, one of the Indonesian curators, Bonnie Triyana, publicly announced that the word “bersiap” should be (and was going to be) omitted from the exhibit. He argued that the term,…

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Numbers 2021 on lightbox flat lay, top view with copy space on blue background. New year celebration. Happy New Year 2021 concepts By Elizaveta Elesina

TIP’s Top 2021 Indo Stories and News Articles

A look back at The Indo Project’s top stories and news articles of 2021. Did your favorites TIP articles make the top five lists? Top Five Indo Stories #5 An Indo Profile: Hannie Blaauw – Camp Stories and More Read TIP’s Indo Profile about war camp survivor and musician Hannie…

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Book cover

Indo Book Highlight: Ramboet Djagoeng

Where Appearance Meets Identity by Willem-Jan Brederode Is it possible to have flaming red hair, freckles, fair skin but also an Indo-Dutch identity? Of course it is, you will think! Well, that is, if you fully understand both the  genetics behind redheadedness and the genealogy of being Indo-Dutch. In 2020 …

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Watch was given to Opa Bebelaar to commemorate his 1911 birth along with condolence letter from Queen Wilhelmina to author's Oma

Indo Book Highlight: Time

by David Bebelaar Finding a Box of Letters Searching for information about my grandparents led me to a box of letters they had written to each other. The correspondence documented their lives as a young couple and all of the experiences they had to navigate together. Their relocation from the…

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TIP Volunteers at Holland Festival Long Beach 2021

Holland Festival LA: a beautiful day to remember- Part III

After nearly two years of absence, this year’s Holland Festival drew more people than expected. Due to the pandemic, the United Netherlands Organizations (non-profit organization) had to cancel the last two festivals. The community was ready and eager to come together again, looking at their responses on social media. And…

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Holland Festival LA: The Indo Project – Part II

The Indo Project will be present at this year’s Holland Festival for the 10th time. Last year was TIP’s 10th anniversary, which was celebrated with a successful rebranding. You are invited to come check out TIP’s new booth, new merchandise, and fun activities. By Jeff Keasberry Once again, the Dutch…

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Holland Festival LA: celebrating community and culture

The 31st Annual Holland Festival in Long Beach is scheduled to return on Sunday, September 5th, 2021. The last time the Dutch-American community had their annual cultural festival was in 2019. by Jeff Keasberry, August 2021. The year 2020 has been a hard year for many people and the pandemic…

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Strong Indo women are honored during the commemoration in Amsterdam. Photo credit: Erik Becking

Commemoration Day 2021

August 15, 2021 was the 76th Anniversary of the end of the Japanese occupation in the Dutch East Indies. From California to the Netherlands, all of the victims from World War II were commemorated. 2021 Commemoration Day – In Remembrance, August 1945 In Los Angeles, Sandra van Lommel-Ly, on behalf…

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Vrouwen kleden kinderen aan in het Adek kamp in Batavia, Bestanddeelnr

TIP Looks Forward to Commemoration Day 2021

August 15th is the annual commemoration of the end of WWII in the Pacific. The Indo community remembers all those who fell and suffered during the Japanese invasion and occupation of the former Dutch East Indies. Indo Monument in Los Angeles Cemetery 2020 was to be the year the Indo…

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Follow TIP and Wellness Wednesday on Instagram

Are you on Instagram? Follow The Indo Project! Help TIP reach 1000 Instagram followers! The Indo Project on Instagram – Don’t Miss Out! Don’t miss out on many interesting and exclusive  The Indo Project posts on Instagram. Help The Indo Project reach 1000 followers; currently it has 720 followers. If…

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René Creutzburg's De Indo US Publication

The Indo Project Remembers René Creutzburg

On his birthday, The Indo Project remembers and celebrates Indo legend René Creutzburg. With his monthly magazine ‘De Indo’, he helped define what it meant to be an Indo in the United States and connected Indos worldwide. Verenigd – United “Oom” René was a great supporter of The Indo Project…

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Indo Saskia Rossi-van den Broek's book Marsini's Gift

Indo Book Highlight: Marsini’s Gift

by Saskia Rossi-van den Broek Marsini’s Gift – the Story of An Indo Family When Saskia Rossi left California in 2018 to return to Holland where she was born, she did not know that her life – she was already in her sixties – would take a staggering turn. First…

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It's a small Indo world as The Indo Project unifies Indos separated in the its diaspora

It’s a Small World

Read as The Indo Project unifies Indos separated in the its diaspora which relocated people to multiple continents. At The Indo Project (“TIP”) a significant part of our mission is rooted in celebrating Indo culture by unifying our people.  One way TIP does this, is by using the reach of…

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Read what our new team members have to say

We are happy to introduce our new team members. Read what motivated them to join. The Indo Project has ambitious goals. In order to grow and achieve our mission, we are continuously seeking contributors, who are proficient, share our passion and enthusiasm. Check link to see how you might be…

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2020 Top The Indo Project Articles

TIP’s Top 2020 Indo Stories and News Articles

A look back at The Indo Project’s top stories and news articles of 2020. Did your favorites TIP articles make the top five lists? Top Five Indo Stories #5 An Indo Profile: The Ballad of Hendrik and Myra SoCal Indo Ronny Kakebeen pays tribute to his parents with his touching…

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Happy Holiday from The Indo Project

2020 The Indo Project Highlights Tenth Anniversary

2020 marked The Indo Project’s official tenth anniversary with rebranding efforts which include revamped logo and new website amidst a tumultuous year which included a pandemic. The Indo Project Celebrates Tenth Anniversary 2020 marked The Indo Project’s official tenth year anniversary. The TIP team wishes it could have celebrated with…

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Indo Book Review: Tetralogy – Pramoedya Ananta Toer

The Indo Project reviews book Tetralogy by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, a series of historical novels about the former Dutch East Indies. The author describes life in the Dutch colony around the turn of the last century. Tetralogy –  Pramoedya Ananta Toer A Book Review by Kareen Richard Schöller Tetralogy consists…

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TIP Receives Portraits from Creutzburg Family

Creutzburg Family Donates Portraits to Moesson

Introduction TIP INTRO to Creutzburg painting delivery to Vivian Boon, Editor-in-Chief – Moesson Magazine, an Indisch magazine published in The Netherlands Throughout so many years, back from the sixties, anyone visiting René Creutzburg’s home would see these two paintings created by Hado Benjamin on the wall of the famous Indo…

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TIP Commemorates 75th Herdenkingen in Hilversum

1945 – 2020 The 75th Commemoration (Part 2 of 2) Indië Herdenking at Noorderbegraafplaats Cemetery in Hilversum, The Netherlands By Priscilla Kluge McMullen – Co-Founder &Chair, The Indo Project As I mentioned in my previous article on the 15 August Herdenking held at De Dam, I cannot believe it has…

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2020 Herdenking Priscilla with soldier in KNIL uniform

TIP Commemorates 75th Herdenkingen on De Dam

1945 – 2020 The 75th Commemoration (Part 1 of 2) Amsterdam, The Netherlands It is only 5 weeks ago but it seems so long ago that the elaborate 2020 Herdenkingen events planned in the Netherlands for this year’s momentous 75th Commemoration of the end of WWII in the former Dutch…

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Herdenking Commemoration Video 2020

The Indo Project has produced a very special video for this year’s 75th anniversary of V-J Day. As you may know, the Herdenking commemoration ceremonies in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Netherlands will not be going forward in person due to the pandemic. The Indo Project wanted to make sure that we…

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Something new is coming

The Indo Project (TIP) turned 10 in 2019. We are celebrating this milestone with a makeover. OUR MISSION STATEMENT: The Indo Project is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of Indo culture as well as its history through education, unification and raising public awareness. Yes, TIP will have a…

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The Indo Project 8th Indo Pride Kumpulan in Florida

by Priscilla Klugen McMullen The Indo Project (TIP) held its 8th Indo Pride Kumpulan in Lake Mary, Florida (near Orlando) on November 2, 2019.  It was a huge success with people coming from as far as Tennessee and Illinois. The film Sounds of Origin was shown followed by a  buffet…

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2019 Highlights and Memories

As this eventful 2019 year draws to a close, TIP realizes we have so much to be grateful for, especially as we celebrated our ten year anniversary in October. Transitioning to 2020, we greatly appreciate your consideration of an end-of-the-year donation to propel us into our next decade of honoring…

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2019 Annual “Herdenkingsdag” Commemoration – Los Angeles

On Saturday, August 10, 2019, The Indo Project board member, Eric Morgan, was honored to lay a wreath on behalf of The Indo Project at the annual commemoration ceremonies ‘Herdenking Ceremony,’ which was held at the National Cemetery of Los Angeles. Approximately fifty people came together out of respect for…

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Celebration of Life for Jos Smith

Jos Smit Celebration of Life, Saturday April 28th. This celebration of life event was held at the Avio, the long standing Dutch Social Club in Anaheim, CA. While it may not have been the ‘happiest place on earth’, it wasn’t a somber affair neither. People came to celebrate the man;…

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Loss and Restoration of Dutch Nationality, version 2

REVISED ARTICLE NOTE: The following article was originally published on March 3, 2019. Due to many of the comments and questions, the author Paul Munsell has graciously revised the article. The article was revised and updated on TIP website on May 21, 2019. INTRODUCTION A short time ago, there were…

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The Indo Project, Inc. is currently seeking a Website Content Manager for their website and Social Media Pages.  The Website Content Manager will be responsible for growing unique visitors to our key community-oriented site and social media pages and will work closely with the Web Editor-in-Chief and Newsletter Editor.…

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The Indische Kwestie: Developments in the 1950s – Part III

A Special Indo Project Editorial Series. by Inez Hollander, Ph.D. On Tuesday, February 28th, party leader Alexander Pechtold of the political party D’66, was a guest in a talkshow and referred to the migrants who came from Indonesia to the Netherlands in the 1950s and 1960s as “Indonesians”. Needless to say, he should…

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Jack Profijt to join The Indo Project Board of Directors.

Old Dutch-Indonesian Community Facebook Group is now officially part of The Indo Project Online Network. The Old Dutch-Indonesian Community Facebook Group (8000+ members) has officially joined The Indo Project Online Network as of January 2017,. The Indo Project (TIP), co-founded by Priscilla McMullen, is an international non-profit organization based in…

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Learning about heritage through food

More than 2,000 people came together to celebrate their heritage at the 27th Holland Festival, held at Gemmrig Park, in Long Beach. For many of the attendees (around 70% with roots in the former Dutch East Indies), it is a yearly reunion with family and friends where they enjoy typical…

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Thank You & Happy Holidays

Dear Friends, Most of us who have our roots in the former Dutch East Indies recognize the importance of keeping our history and culture alive.  A constant reminder of this are the letters and emails you send us and the old photos and passionate postings you place on Facebook.  All…

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Animated Map.

  This is a remarkable web site called Pacific War Animated.  How did the war end up in the Dutch East Indies ?  With dramatic music in the background, you can follow the progression of invading Japanese forces (link below).  At the bottom is a red arrow pointing to each…

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Grocery Stores

By Bianca Dias-Halpert, Washington, USA The Power of a Grocery Store A new environment, new food, new customs and everything familiar left behind.  We usually do not think of a grocery store as being significant in our daily routine.  But when you find one that has the ingredients of the…

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Guidebook for American Soldiers in the Pacific War.

I became more aware of the American connection when I purchased a 77-page booklet titled “Instructions for American Serviceman in Dutch Indonesia during World War II” by the Dutch publishing house Elsevier. From the very beginning of the Japanese dream of conquering the land and people of Asia, they recognized the…

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