It’s back to school time! We at The Indo Project (TIP) wish all our Indo kids a wonderful school year. To help bring Indo studies into the classroom, we’ve developed a presentation that can be used by students, teachers, and anyone who would like to share the history of the Indo people.

For students, we have a special Indo Project Youth Ambassador button while supplies last. (Donate $5 through our website and indicate that it is for the Youth Ambassador Button. Send us your address so we can send you your button.) We encourage students to ask their teachers if they can give a class presentation on Indo History. (Wear your button! 😊) Students can use the provided materials and/or create their own presentations.

We’ve included, click on link to view it:

  • a Prezi Presentation (appropriate for 5th– 12thgrade)
  • a Word Search
  • a Critical Thinking page
  • a Map for students of all backgrounds to draw their family’s heritage
  • additional reading and video resources

We encourage students and teachers to film, photograph, or write to us about their experience. We wish you a school year full of good grades, joy, and exciting learning.


Jamie Stern, MA

Director of Research at The Indo Project



1) Prezi Presentation: click here

2) Word Search document click here and answers click here

3) Critical Thinking Document: click here

4) Map Document: click here

5) Jamie Stern’s Master Thesis:

Maintenance of Cultural Identity Through Virtual Social Networking: The Indo People Post Diaspora click here

6) Video Resources:

  1. The Indo Project – Maintenance of Cultural Identity of the Indo People, Post Diaspora, click here
  2. I’m an Indo, click here
  3. “Indo is…”, click here
  4. “What does Indo mean?”, click here
  5. “TIP talks”, click here



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