Willem ten Wolde, Member at Large

Willem ten Wolde, Member at Large

WillemTenWoldeWillem ten Wolde, Member at Large, is a first generation Indo, born before the war in Jember, East Java in 1937.

When the war broke out, his father had to close his business because he was forced to join the KNIL army and was shipped to Burma. Willem and his baby brother and mother survived several camps. After the capitulation, they were reunited with his father in Batavia (Jakarta).

Willem attended the SSV-HBS high school in Surabaya until 1955 then left for Holland to finish his schooling. He’d wanted to continue his university studies, but was forced to serve in the Dutch army. Willem studied Engineering and Process Control and Computer Science in 1959 after finishing his military service.

Willem worked for IBM in the process plant automation area for 25 years, working extensively in the Asia Pacific/ Australian region, including Japan and Indonesia and also lived some years in Hong Kong. He joined Royal Dutch Shell in Houston, Texas in 1997 where he still lives today. He served on the board of the Netherlands American Chamber of Commerce, Texas Chapter.

“Being of Indo descent is important to me,” he says, “because my mother’s family lived in the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia for seven generations and I lived the first 18 years of my life there with all its strong influences while growing up.”

“Continue learning about all things around you, people, science and technology, and all living things by staying curious.”

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