Kareen Richard, Secretary

Kareen is a second generation Indo.  Born in Jakarta, she and her family were repatriated to the Netherlands in 1955.  In 1960 the family emigrated to the US, first settling in New York and later in New Jersey.  In 1971, Kareen moved back to the Netherlands to pursue her ambition of joining KLM as a flight attendant.  As such she traveled the world and has been back to Indonesia many times.

Years of experience as an administrative professional led her to Property Management, where her interpersonal skills play a large part in interacting with homeowners.  Very much a people person, Kareen enjoys meeting people and making new friends.

Researching her mother’s family tree, Kareen recognized the importance of preserving and promoting the Indo culture.  This led her to take an active part in The Indo Project.

To Kareen, being Indo is about pride in her history and in the flexibility of Indos to easily assimilate into other cultures; pride in the ability of Indos to become successful in their new homelands despite the adversity they faced.

“Meeting other Indos is like coming home.  We have that special bond that makes us feel we’ve known each other forever when we’ve just met.  We welcome each other with open arms.  Our hospitality is something to be proud of.”

Kareen currently lives in Florida, has three children and is the proud grandmother of three.

The objectives of The Indo Project are close to my heart; therefore I actively network with other Indos in the Central Florida region. My goal is to reach out to many more second, third, and even fourth generation Indos to teach them that their history and culture is something to be proud of.

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