Jeff Keasberry, Vice Chair

Jeff was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and was raised in the restaurant of his grandmother who brought Indo Dutch & Indonesian cuisine to the capital in the early 1950s and published her recipes in a cookbook in 1976. He took over the helm of the family business from his parents in 1986 and became a third generation Indo Dutch  restaurateur.

Over the following 20+ years, he accomplished a successful track record in the hospitality industry and supply chain management and held several managerial positions in Business Development. In 2005, he came to the US to join a company specializing in commercial interior design and the production of fine furniture. He established social and business network groups and currently organizes events.

Jeff is very passionate about his shared Dutch and Indonesian heritage and serves on several non-profit boards, including The Indo Project – which he joined in 2010. He is a published author of four cookbooks, three in the Netherlands: Indische Keukengeheimen (Dutch Indies Kitchen Secrets, Karakter Uitgeverij 2012) and De nieuwe Indische keuken,  (the new Dutch Indies Cuisine, Karakter Uitgeverij 2014), Alle Indische Keukengeheimen (All Dutch Indies Kitchen Secrets 2019) and his fourth cookbook was released in the US in December 2016 – the first Indo Dutch heritage cookbook in English. For his books, Jeff did extensive research on the Indo Dutch food history. Jeff’s mission is to get worldwide recognition for the Indo Dutch cooking style, which is at the heart of the Indo Dutch culture. Read more on his blog

“Like in many cultures, food is the glue that binds people together. We find joy and comfort in the cooking and the sharing of Indo food, the stories and the customs around it. It helps us preserve our culinary heritage and rich culture.”  

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Vice Chair,  TIP Web Master  & Culinary Historian